Focus on interior decoration materials and window treatment, save your plantation shutters cost.

Plantation Shutters manufacturers China Plantation Shutter suppliers

Plantation Shutters

Xiamen Goodwood is a manufacturer and supplier of plantation shutters in China, producing timber shutter components, painted/unpainted poly shutter components and use our own components for assembling shutters to ensure superior quality from material to finish shutters and make price competitive in this industry. Our main customers are the biggest wholesale shutter company and shutter factory across the UK, Europe, Australia, North American and South Africa.

Mouldings manufacturers China Mouldings suppliers


Xiamen Goodwood is the industry leader in manufacturing & wholesaling wood moulding. 20 years' production experience and technology accumulation make Goodwood the NO.1 timber supplier to Australia and North America markets etc., Goodwood uses imported FSC certified radiata pine to make interior primed ceiling cornice (crown moulding), small moulding, window reveals, interior door jambs, architraves and skirting/baseboard etc., our products attract more markets due to our superior quality, on time deliveries and best service.

Polyurethane Millwork manufacturers China PU Architectural Millwork suppliers

Polyurethane Millwork

Polyurethane(PU) millwork is used a wide range for outdoor decorations such as exterior shutters, railings, decorative lines, faux wooden beams, internal and external decorative components etc., The decorative polyurethane millwork from Goodwood uses the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100 foaming agent and reach the domestic B2 fire protection standards, it can be imitated of various materials such as stone grain, wood grain etc. which is the highest standard exterior products for USA, European and Japan markets etc.

treated timber manufacturers China treated timber suppliers

Treated Timber

Timber treated with preservative is the market trend, treated pine can be used anywhere because of its good characters: waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion…It is also particularly resistant to ultraviolet radiation in the sun, which can significantly delay the aging and deformation of wood, crack, etc., pressure treated timber can contact with soil and wet environment, often used in floors, garden engineering, landscape, antiseptic wood flower stands, retaining wall, outdoor preservative fenced etc., water-based primer treated mouldings are environmental as long as they are dealt with according to operation rules.

China Goodwood Shutters, timber/ poly plantation shutters

Give your home additional allure with China Goodwood top quality plantation shutters, the louvres or blades of shutters could be titled to shield the interior from the bright sunlight or controlling the sunlight as you wish. Interior plantation shutters are stylish, elegant and have big visual impact in your home. "Plantation Shutters" refer to the louvered design where the slats can tilt to various angles. Plantation shutters can be different materials such as poplar, paulownia, basswood and extrusion poly for interior shutters. Poly shutters (also be called: faux wood, plastic, vinyl & pvc shutters ) is made of solid foam extrusion.

Exterior plantation shutters options

Goodwood exterior shutters made of polyurethane, uses the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100 foaming agent for polyurethane millwork and stone grain artificial decoration parts, which is the highest standard exterior products for USA markets.

Custom shutters service

Made to measure and template to fit unusual shaped windows, stain wood shutters and custom made colors give diversify of shutters suits different home decoration. Wood shutters, faux wood shutters, white wooden shutters, black shutters and custom colours service lets you match to almost any shade. hinged shutters, sliding shutters, bi-fold Shutters, tier on tier shutters, café style shutters, solid shutters and shaped shutters etc meet different market requirement.

High quality primed timber mouldings/ shutter components

Goodwood make very thin coating for the timber mouldings products, use finger joint and edge glue can fully use material to make profiles keep straight and very smooth waterbase primed surface can compatible with any finish paint.

Any requirements, please contact us by phone or E-mail.

Why choose Xiamen Goodwood?

Expect premium, made-to-measure shutters that give you the widest possible choice in materials, colours, textures and finishes.

In any room, and in any space, simply imagine ultimate light control, economical heat and improved sound insulation, and ultra-easy maintenance… all wrapped up in a truly beautiful design of window shutters, exactly as you'd pictured it.

Good Quality

20 years' manufacturing experience and corresponding technology accumulation make superior quality products.

Strong Technology Support

Investing technology to guarantee our quality and make factories full use of material to achieves price competitive.

Business concept

We always help customers to grow business together and achieves long term cooperations with big overseas companies.

Specialized shipping services

Our shipping department has rich experience to process customs clearance at destination to send container to door very quickly.

More options for products

Goodwood can provide timber mouldings for interior and anti corrosion for outdoors.

Goodwood can provide high quality and full ranges of shutters made of Poly and different timber species to suit market demands.

Goodwood has rich oversea business knowledges and experience for exporting, door to door service to make customers buy from Goodwood like purchasing from domestically.

Professional Service

Fluent English speaking and email communication for better understanding and deal with easily for oversea orders.

Rich experience to process customs clearance at destination to send container to door very quickly.

Annual oversea visit to know market trend well and develop new products to help our customers most competitive in the market.

New products developing

Goodwood technician team has more than 20 years working experience in Goodwood with rich ability on new products research and develop to help our customers are always competitive in the market.

Succeed with big customers

Goodwood's multiple factories, strong technology can supply big volume orders and has ability to increase order volume according to customers requirement, which help spread the risk for customers on supplying chain.

Satisfying after-sale service

Goodwood seldom has quality complaint comes back because of superior quality supplied, if happens our professional technology team can help to fix the issue very quickly and provide the suitable solution.

Custom made profiles

Goodwood has thousands of shutter components, mouldings profiles and polyurethane articles available. our own tooling factory can design and make special profiles as per required to meet your market requirement.

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