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90 hind the real wood door choose and buy skill that husband and wife cannot miss most

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 decorate the purpose of the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, the door as the family decoration of the end of the project, when the purchase can not be careless.
However nowadays the design sort that the market comes to is various, door of real wood of choose and buy still should master a lot of skill.
What should consider Traditional Shutters above all when choosing wooden door is the humorous attune that the design of wooden door and colour are the same as bedroom style is tie-in.
Adornment style is smooth and plain and clean the design that chooses easy and concise;
Lively and lively we choose lightsome and refined to want to match;
Classic ease is acted the role of with massiness Confucianism elegant.
In short, it is recommended to choose a similar style.
After determining the style, people are more concerned about the quality of the product and price.
How to differentiate the stand or fall of real wood door, can begin from the following 4 respects: knock 2 look 3 touch 4 smell.
This is the basic skill when door of choose and buy.
A knock.
Knock word basically is the 4 horn that knock on the door and if sound is even and depressing, criterion specification this door quality is better.
If the sound is clear, it means it’s chipboard or hollow.
2 see.
A good door has a smooth surface and can see the texture of irregular wood.
Another is to see the details of the door, such as corners of the paint is in place,Traditional Shutters Wholesale anti – collision strip inside is grooved and so on.
Watch the installation position of hinge, weigh in hand the weight of next door, watch the height of door handle, open close door leaf whether relaxed and convenient.
Watch the door corner of the sealing is tight, watch the details of the processing is fine three touch.
We are unlikely to go to the factory to stare at how he is processed, only through the simple means of appearance inspection to assess the quality of the product process.
Here are two lessons: touch and look.
The bezel that USES a hand to stroke a door, face plate, corner, the requirement does not have scratch-off feeling, downy and exquisite, the side that stands in a door next meets smooth the paint face that sees door plank whether to have concave and convex wave.
Basically rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.
Four smell.
Basically be to guard the door is environmental protection.
Smell the pungent smell of formaldehyde.
If the taste is larger, it is certainly not environmentally friendly, can not be used.
Apply above 4 basic methods,Traditional Shutters Factory can judge the stand or fall of a door quality basically.
In buying a process, listen to guide more the explanation of the member that buy, have a doubt to ask more, such ability buys cost performance ratio to compare tall real wood door.

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