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Are invisible doors invisible?Installation is not in place to blame!

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 invisible door, as the name suggests is invisible!Invisible door is the most critical place to hide, when others see, give others an illusion, can not see a door.This kind is like the design like the chamber in the film, very popular with young people, but after some families installed invisible door, appeared however all sorts of problems, achieve invisible effect hard even.In fact, Shutter Profiles a lot of problems can be avoided in the installation, small make up today and we talk about invisible door installation should pay attention to the problem: 1, the hinge and handle of the installation of invisible door although beautiful, but we should also consider the problem of the door handle when installation.General invisible door is to do not install apparent door handle, so what kind of design to choose already beautiful go to the lavatory again invisible door open close?Invisible door closes ability to highlight its to hide the effect of the door at any time, and spring hinge can realize this function.Automatic door closers is successfully installed invisible magic weapon of the door, door closer is a lot of office building fire escape door installed above things like rod, principle of closed very scientific, balanced to control the speed of the open closed, it will automatically shut the door after door was opened, effectively avoid such damage due to inertia effect, it also can achieve the effect of the spring hinge door.At the same time, in order to avoid the closed phenomenon caused by the use of stealth door for a long time, we can install a touch bead when installing the stealth door, so as to achieve the effect of fixing the door.2, when the installation of the door installs invisible door, in order to achieve “invisible” effect, the door must be flush with wall, and the design on the door should be consistent with the wall design, ability achieves ideal effect.When installing, should decide the position that the door installs above all, after assuring and wall flush, had installed, draw the outline on wall and the same design on the door will conceal the existence of the door.3, the installation of the door lock invisible door lock installation is also a key step, invisible door locks must be installed in the invisible side, this will not affect the overall effect of the invisible door,Shutter Profiles Wholesale will not affect the aesthetic.General stylist can suggest invisible door chooses bolt or one-way lock, cannot see the trace of door lock from outside.What should remind especially is, one-way lock had better choose manual ability to lock the kind that go up, lest spring hinge closes automatically when the door is locked automatically.

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