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Building materials choose and buy small classroom door and window accessories lock classification and maintenance

[ChinaGoodWood.com] the door and window accessories lock is an important link in hardware, because the lock involves security issues.In daily life sometimes can encounter the problem such as unblocked unlock, what is correct solution?What kind does door window fittings lock have again?What is the working principle of intelligent door locks, fingerprint locks and glass locks?With this knowledge, you’re on your way!Door and window locks can be divided into hotel locks, apartment locks, intelligent locks, fingerprint locks, glass locks and other electronic locks.The classification of the door lock is very much, the requirement to the door lock is different in each circumstance, average family USES guard against theft door lock commonly, security is tall and the price is cheaper;In some high-end places, secret agencies will use password lock, fingerprint lock, high security, Shutter Part high price;Glass doors are used in many public places, so they are widely used.Because the lock technology and application are different, the door lock is divided into the following categories: 1. Three-bar hand lock means that the handle of the lock is the door handle. The production process is relatively simple and the cost is low.In our country is applied very much, because security is poorer, use at indoor door lock commonly, product material basically is iron, stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy.Iron is used in the inner structure of the product. The shell is made of stainless steel, the lock core is made of copper, and the lock handle is made of zinc alloy.2, spherical door lock refers to the knob of the door lock is spherical, the production process is relatively simple, low cost.In our country application is very much, because security is poorer, use at indoor door lock commonly.The products are mainly made of iron, stainless steel and copper.Iron is used at product inside structure, casing is multi-purpose stainless steel, lock core is multi-purpose copper 3, vitreous door lock appears as vitreous door, also appeared a lot of vitreous door lock.The advantage of glass lock is do not need to open hole, safe performance is better.4. Core-inserting hand lock this lock is divided into split lock and interlocking lock. The product is made of many materials, including zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper.Product safety is better, often used in the door, room door.Office buildings are widely used.Two, anti-theft door lock standard door lock is widely used, can be everyone can see every day, but there are many levels of anti-theft door locks, that is, anti-theft level.The following is the anti-theft door lock anti-theft technical indicators comparison table, according to which we can understand the safety performance of our own door lock.Three, the door lock maintenance hardware accessories used for a long time, easy to appear here, there a lot of problems.Especially the door lock, this kind of high load operation parts, service life is long, it is inevitable to appear a little fault.Often discover a few users and friends, the damage of the door lock in the home often is because use or maintain do not get and cause.Door lock maintenance to pay attention to some matters: 1, open the door is not smooth for some time, due to the gravity of the door itself, or the door hinges cause the door to sink, lock the door or open the door is not smooth phenomenon.This time is often to use the key to open the door, lock the door is very difficult.At this point, do not force the key to twist, so as not to break the key, increase the trouble.Shutter Part Wholesale The right solution: look at the reasons first.If loose loose-leaf causes the door to sink, the loose loose-leaf should be fixed tightly with screws.If door frame is out of shape or its reason causes cannot restore, can proceed with from door frame, lock tongue expands accordingly, such, door lock opens close the door to be able to restore normal and fluent.2, lubricants send acerbity, some friends in the door lock or tightness, often like to drop some oil in the keyhole, such, can immediately locks connect body is smooth, but because the oil is easy sticky ash, after the lock will slowly accumulated dust, easy to form oil be bored with child, and they made the door lock is more prone to failure.The correct solution: cut some pencil shards or candle shards, blow them into the lock core through a thin tube, then insert the key and rotate it several times.

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