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Buy solid wood composite wood eight myth, you know?

Today, in the process of real wood of choose and buy is compound wooden door, most consumers have serious herd mentality, the consumers in the blind pursuit of rare wood, the phenomenon such as design and color.To this, summed up in eight myth, safeguard the legal consumer rights and interests of consumers.Shutter Panel Composite wood door: 1, the blind pursuit of rare sales of solid wood composite wooden door on the market at present there are dozens of, the price of different tree species, properties, material is different, the general public friends should according to their own economic strength, buying adornment style, personal preferences, and so on and so forth, is not the better the performance of the more rare material to plant.2, ignore the wooden door mute requirements: wooden door at the scene of the purchase is easy to ignore the sound insulation effect requirements, this need consumers many field samples, and put forward the mute questions and requirements.3, blind pursuit of panel thickness: three layers solid wood composite wooden door panel thickness with 2 ~ 4 mm advisable, multi-layer solid wood compound wooden door panel thickness is 0.6 ~ 2.0 mm, thickness should not be excessive pursuit of panel.4, China Shutter Panel ignore environmental protection technology requirements: it is reported, compared with the ordinary wooden door, some wooden door in addition to aldehydes more fully and completely, so as to achieve more environmental and health requirements.5, blind pursue cheap: when buying real wood compound wooden door, must not only figure cheap and buy “3 without” product.Preferred by the state or industry certification and reputable brand products.6, heavy design and color, light maintenance: solid wood composite wooden door panel is natural lumber, tree due to the location of the plant, such as sunlight, temperature and humidity, the wood colour and lustre is certainly different, this is a natural phenomenon.7, ignore the solid wooden door requirements: small make up, according to some wooden door stress system technology, played a strongly the soundness of wooden door,Shutter Panel Wholesale greatly extend the life span of the wooden door.8, ignore the wooden door daily cleaning: daily cleaning plays an important role in the extend the service life of wooden door.Wooden door the most taboo chemical corrosion, high temperature objects contact, if wood stain, such as: vinegar, salt, oil contamination, such as wood, can use some special cleaning products, do not use gasoline to clean.

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