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Buy wooden door see environmental protection, the environmental protection small wooden door common sense you know?

Relevant state regulations on the mandatory standard of wooden door, indoor use the wooden door of formaldehyde release a quantity standard for E1, which cannot be more than 1.5 mg/L, if the formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed the standard of wooden door, is easy to cause indoor formaldehyde pollution, harm to health.How to judge whether the wooden door environmental protection?The personage inside course of study tells us to buy wooden door will first look at environmental protection index.Wooden door of formaldehyde release a quantity should be less than 1.5 mg/L, as well as excessive focus on heavy metal content, such as soluble lead should be less than 90 mg/kg,Painted Shutters soluble cadmium is not greater than 75 mg/kg.Now the wooden door on the market according to different materials, the main can be divided into the original wood door and composite door.The original wood door, just as its name implies, all parts are processed by a single board, composite joining together, do not use adhesives to mortise structure connection between components;And composite door plank, parts of ontology is the connection between the use of adhesive bonding.The formaldehyde content in general composite door is much higher than the original wood door.The original wood door must be safe and reliable?The personage inside course of study, the answer is not necessarily the original wood door is not absolutely safe formaldehyde-free.Theory, although the original wood door is the use of pure natural, made of wood should not contain glue and paint, but in practical production, this kind of pure natural original wood door quality is not stable, often prone to cracking deformation, etc.Therefore,China Painted Shutters “the original wood door” currently on the market is not a pure original wood door, to a certain extent, use glue and paint.At the current manufacturing process, wood is not possible to achieve absolute zero – formaldehyde.And composite door put every one in the process from assembly to want to use a lot of glue, more difficult to avoid pollution.The personage inside course of study warns customer, when buying wooden door has the right to request a certificate issued by environmental protection material related businesses and authorities inspection report.Many brand wood oral stressed in the process of selling products of environmental protection, but couldn’t get the relevant inspection basis, be careful to buy this kind of circumstance.Buy a formaldehyde exceeds the wooden door of how should handle?1. More ventilation to a certain extent, reduce indoor air pollution.2. Use the liquid products, in addition to formaldehyde from the pollution source of formaldehyde.Light catalyst is the most commonly used formaldehyde scavenger, and applied to wooden door and wooden furniture light catalyst with curing effect is best choice for sheet “photocatalytic wood oil”.Because wooden door is the most frequent daily use in the home furniture, surface susceptible to scratches, photocatalytic wood oil removal of formaldehyde in at the same time, also can reduce the scratch.3.Painted Shutters Wholesale Solid formaldehyde removal product more simple and easy to use.Currently on the market the most common solid formaldehyde removal product is activated carbon and the Maya blue.Activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde in the best effect is made from coconut shell “coconut shell activated carbon, the second is the bamboo charcoal.

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