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To explore the Internet age transformation summit 2017 Chinese intelligent engineering industry

[WWW.CHINAGOODWOOD.COM] days before the 2017 China the first intelligent engineering industry summit held in xiamen smoothly, nearly 500 intelligent industry professionals and dozens of national research leading experts in the field of intelligent building design, MDF crown molding discusses intelligent engineering industry in the new situation how to transformation and upgrading, and how to build […]

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Wooden door maintenance tips Extend the service life of move the door little living skills

[] move the door frequency is higher, in today’s life, of course, the most common form of the wardrobe door cannot, saving a lot of space for the bedroom, and according to the different functional areas, also can rise to decorate the effect.The installation is convenient,MDF crown molding flexible changes in household space, let move […]

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The way of steel door market run-off

[] steel door is steel and wood inner rib in combination with a new category, in recent years has been of interior door products, but about the exact makeup of steel door, consumers still know much.General consumers think steel door structure is inside for the wood,MDF crown molding outside is steel plate, but the fact […]

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