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How are fire doors made?

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 fire door in the working process of its main fire performance by its door, this is completely different from the burglar-proof door, so the fire door in the production process of the door production quality requirements is very high, what are the production steps of the standard fire door?
What should I pay attention to in each step?
(1) the specification of the material for fire-retardant dip treatment,Door Jamb solid flame retardant dosage of a fire door per cubic meter of wood greater than 110 kg, b fire door per cubic meter of wood greater than 90 kg;
(2) wood drying;
(3) processing dried wood into specifications;
(4) secondary drying of fire-retardant impregnated wood;
(5) the flame retardant processing specification material D2 for finishing, sanding, milling groove, tenon, drilling, inlaying expansion fire retardant F, assembly;
(6) inspection, packaging and warehousing.
In the actual production, some enterprises reduce the content of flame retardant in wood fire doors, or wood is not flame retardant treatment.
Surveys of some companies have shown that it is common practice for door frames and door frames to be assembled and then soaked in a flame retardant solution for a few minutes.
Under normal temperature and pressure, the flame retardant solution can only penetrate into the range of 2mm on the surface of most of the wood within one hour [10], and it has no obvious effect on improving the fire resistance limit of fire door wood.
The charring speed and flame retardant properties of wood from different tree species are different.
Some enterprises use the wood of eucalyptus willow and other tree species in the type certification test, but the wood of any tree species is used in the production.
The interior filling material of fire door basically has what a few kinds of interior filling material of fire door basically have: wool of rock wool, aluminous silicate fiber, perlite, Door Jamb Wholesale silicon calcium fire prevention board.
The main accessories of fire doors are smoke strips (smoke isolation), door closers (to keep the door closed, such as used in the often open door when fire can quickly close the door), sequencer (in order to close the role of double door);
Conventional accessories are fire lock, push lock, hinge, fire glass, etc.

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