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How does door of high sex valence wood choose, efficient choose and buy wood door skill you mastered?

[ChinaGoodWood.com] with the rapid development of wood industry, the wooden door of brands and types on the market is also more numerous, at the same time consumer demand for wood is more strict than before, wooden door is indispensable important component in modern home outfit, but the wooden door varieties on the market there are a variety of choice, how to buy a higher ratio of wooden door became a problem in many people.
Below let small make up teach you a few moves, let you quickly master how to choose the skill of home outfit wooden door.
(1) material home decoration wood door how to choose the main material to see how the wood door material is, now the existence of the market home decoration wood door material is mainly solid wood door,Wood Shutters solid wood composite door, paint-free door, splint film pressure hollow door.
The material of real wood door pledges come from natural log, process a series of working procedure again and become, because used real high grade wood, sound insulation, anticorrosive effect to wait for be superior, its cost is very tall so.
Real wood compound door is the union of real wood and other material, its door frame used fir or pine, face layer base material used particleboard, the surface sticks valuable real wood veneer again, the characteristic is quality lighter, not easy to be out of shape, design is diversiform, belong to a kind of wood door with higher cost performance ratio;
Paint-free door frame with low-grade wood, the surface paste PVC film, so the price is cheap;
Although hollow door is real wood, do door frame, but door plank interior is hollow, so sound insulation, feel very poor, the price is natural and lowest.
In choosing wooden door, do not covet cheap as far as possible.
If domestic economy circumstance is better, can consider real wood door, real wood door is the material with the highest grade in domestic outfit wood door, and environmental protection is healthy, service life is long.
Also can not choose real wood door, compare real wood compound door cost performance ratio is higher, the price also is appropriate below assuring quality premise.
(2) accessories wood door details should also pay attention to, Wood Shutters Wholesale do not let a “rat excrement” broke a door.
The fittings of wooden door basically is the fittings of lock and hinge, everybody is choosing the fittings of brand wood door and good public praise as far as possible when hardware fittings, lest appear in the future troublesome.
(3) style is in assure wooden door quality below, also want to notice the collocation effect of domestic outfit wooden door, maintain harmonious and unified as far as possible with domestic outfit style, the color of wooden door can maintain same color to fasten with soft outfit, but should distinguish with the color of metope come.
(4) paint surface in the choice of good materials should consider the process of wood door, paint as wood door processing late process, directly affect the appearance of wood door and health.
If the wood door is good and the paint is bad, then the door is bad.
Judge whether besmaste lacquer is intact basically is from the following a few respects: 1. See lacquer face above all whether plump and even, if be plump and even, Wood Shutters Factory so the quality of paint is good, and craft is finer also.
2. See whether the paint surface is flat next, if there are small particles protruding, then the process is rough, which will affect the appearance and feel of the hand in the future.
Want to notice detail place to have little desquamate more, craze phenomenon.
3. Finally, whether the paint smells pungent or not, if there is a pungent smell, it may be formaldehyde or benzene content exceeds the standard.

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