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How much do you know about wood door paint

[ChinaGoodWood.com] wood door paint is a kind of decoration material emitting the most formaldehyde.
A lot of friends choose environmental protection paint now in wooden door decorate, does environmental protection paint really environmental protection?
The cognition that we paint to wooden door, indoor door still is insufficient, still existing a lot of erroneous zone, below small make up will enumerate 5 common erroneous zone that we are in daily life for you.
Mistake area is heavy price and oversight quality when a lot of people are lacquer of wooden door of choose and buy, walk into very easily heavy price and oversight quality error area.
Some people think that the higher the price of paint, the better, so when choosing the most expensive to buy, but the experimental results show that is not the case.
Another kind of extreme consumer is to save money, buy when the price is lower had better,Wood Shutters such money saved many, but the quality of wooden door and indoor environment after worrying.
Because this suggests everybody is considering the quality of lacquer of door of heavy wood door of note of price as far as possible, choose the big brand that has reputation commonly.
Error area 2 packaging and ignore immanent consumer chooses and buy wood door emulsioni paint always can see its packaging when paint, this is very necessary.
But should notice the wooden door paint with good-looking packaging is not necessarily inherent quality is superior.
Some manufacturers in order to attract customers, on the packaging of products, deliberately exaggerated product performance and efficacy.
Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should pay attention to other aspects besides product packaging, such as checking detailed test reports of products.
Error area 3 lubricious card and wooden door color are identical completely the paint color on a lot of consumer think color card and brush the color that come to the door are identical completely,Wood Shutters Wholesale this is an error area.
Because the light is reflected wait for a reason, after wooden door besmear goes up lacquer, wooden door color can look than on color card dark.
The color that consumer sees on color card and wooden door brush the actual color of paint to be able to differ somewhat normally.
Because this suggests consumer is in, choose color in color card, had better choose the color that oneself like a bit lighter the color number of one, if like brunet wood door, can adjust with color of the color that chooses color card consistent.
Error area 4 do not estimate ahead of time with lacquer amount a lot of consumer did not estimate ahead of time with lacquer amount, afraid bought paint less, when choose and buy always more beneficial.
The waste that caused material likely so, increased the cost that the home installs, accumulate at the same time overmuch paint also causes certain effect to the safety that apply a job.
Accordingly suggest consumer is before construction, must see the area of construction area, estimate to buy material thereby how much.
The method that estimation USES lacquer quantity to compare simple is: the lacquer quantity that besmears to need (L)=(wooden door area x2.5)/ each liter lacquer can besmear brushs an area.
Miss area 5 do not have odour the safety that a lot of people judge wooden door lacquer through smelling odour is environmental protection, think low odour or the wooden door lacquer that do not have odour is environmental protection.
This is a big mistake.
Because add essence or use low flavour material to be able to achieve odourless,Wood Shutters Factory so odourless paint is not environmental protection avirulent.
The environmental protection sex that judges wooden door lacquer the most professional method is to see its environmental protection index accords with a standard.
The key environmental protection index of lacquer of wooden door, indoor door has 3: VOC, free formaldehyde, heavy metal.

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