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How much is door window installation price commonly

[ChinaGoodWood.com] door and window are the key in the house is decorated, of door window installation price how many concern the whole price that decorates directly.Accordingly, people pays close attention to this problem very much, also be very exquisite in the respect of choice door window, the door window that has very a variety of types can choose, the price problem about door window installation, will share with everybody together below.Door window installs price — the cost that decides a factor door window installs and did not compare fixed,Wood Shutters and general circumstance is 25 yuan rise, need sees the size of door window and floor discretion, still have the remote degree of the area to wait a moment, the factor that decides door window installs has a lot of.According to the specific material to determine the price of high and low, the choice of time to pay attention to.Door window installs a price — the area that area element is in is different, door window installs a price to also can be different, in chengdu door window material adds up with worker money to be controlled in 240 yuan every square.And the price that installs in Beijing door window is in about 35 yuan per square metre, the processing fee of installation door window also can differ according to the area and different, be in about 25 yuan left and right sides.Door window installs price — price of characteristic element door window installs because of all sorts of different door window characteristic is different and differ somewhat.Door window of LG model steel heat preservation, and sound-proof effect are better, airtight performance is higher than other door window a few times, the price also is higher.Heat insulation air tightness of door of model steel door with stronger sex of fire resistance, durability is better, the price is in about 280 yuan per square metre.Door window installs price — window of aluminous model door window aluminous model door window is class and quality are very tall a kind of product, so its price also is very tall.The price of each different sort of door window of 56 fixed window, 56 smooth window and 90 push-pull window each is different, the price is in one smooth rice about 420 yuan to 700 between, homemade relatively for a few cheaper.Door window installs the price — the price of door window of pine wood door window installs the different price according to its door window brand also can differ somewhat, price of pine door window is in 1280 yuan -1600 yuan or so,Wood Shutters Wholesale it is alleged one cent cent cent goods, about the choose and buy of door window, important still see the quality of door window.The problem about door window installation price, the sort of door window, place area, property is different, its price can differ somewhat.Accordingly, when choosing door window to install, must consider the differentia of each respect, can choose the door window of good quality only so, the price also can compare a few more appropriate at the same time.

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