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How to check and accept steel wood door to reduce toxic harm

[ChinaGoodWood.com] in the workplace, most people have closed doors and Windows, the air in their homes is not circulated, and toxic gases like formaldehyde are difficult to discharge.
Today small make up want to introduce for everybody is how to discern quality of steel wood door, the steel wood door of your home is poisonous?
Practical steel and wood door acceptance tips to attack!
Are your steel and wood doors poisonous?
1. Look at the packaging label, product name, implementation standard, factory name, factory address, quality grade and so on marked on the product packaging or the label.
Such as the basic content of the label is complete, text or pattern color whether there is a double or deviation.
Two, see product colour and lustre toxic steel wood door color is white,Traditional Shutters although white, but the intuitivefeeling that gives a person is very leng, show dark color namely or in white transparent blue, bright and clean feeling is very intense, because get atmospheric sulfur and sulfide pollution after using period of time, show greyish black gradually.
Avirulent model steel color is sterling, resemble ivory white, bright and clean feels glittering and translucent get rid of is gotten rid of soft, have the feeling that penetrates into inside, by atmospheric sulfur and sulfide pollution also won’t show gray-black.
Three, to see the name of the product profile toxic plastic steel wooden door with low price of lead salt stabilizer as the main raw material.
This material contains lead and is called PVC profile.
Non-toxic plastic steel doors and Windows are non-toxic and pollution-free, in line with environmental protection requirements of the thiol organic tin t-137 stabilizer, the name of the Vpvc profile.
When consumer is choosing and buying, must recognize the profile of the product and name.
4, look to use effect window of window of window of model steel of lead salt kind model in sunshine and heat long-term action falls, the surface forms lead dust, can cause lead poisoning and lead pollution.
Lead into the human body, in addition to part of the excretion through feces, sweat, most precipitation in the bone marrow, dissolved in the blood, damage to the bone marrow hematopoietic system,Traditional Shutters Wholesale brain nervous system and urinary system and reproductive organs, of course, if the use of the process found that this situation occurs, immediately discard this kind of steel doors to ensure health.
Choose avirulent steel wood door to be able to defend family member not only, the health of the person beside, no matter from what Angle to say, it is extremely important, everybody is being chosen when steel wood door inherits above a few points, reduce toxic harm!

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