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How to choose and buy green wood door?Buy green wooden door need to pay attention to the following questions

At present, along with the people environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, people decorate in the family when decorate material selection will also pay special attention to the environmental performance of material, so how to choose and buy green wood door?Below small make up detailed introduction of green wood to buy for everyone to be aware of problems.How to choose and buy green wood door?A, Poly Shutters need to know the kinds of wooden door, many different kinds of wooden door, according to the structure of wooden door, can be divided into real wood door, solid core doors, solid wood composite door) and flush door (moulded door) three.Choose a suitable for their own style of wooden door should in the heart before decorate a design to have a preliminary plan.Second, the wooden door of choose and buy more contrast when wood of choose and buy, please search relevant information on the Internet, to a preliminary understanding of the mind, wooden door in the store more conversation with different businesses of the seller, don’t knows nothing but pretends to know, listen to their presentation more learn more wood of choose and buy of common sense.The wooden door, to the same style, the same brand from quality, price, service and so on comprehensive consideration and comparison.China Poly Shutters Three, choose trustworthy brand is the key of after-sales service is the main choice consumers association certification of customer satisfaction or after-sales service trust household market, the wood of all sorts of problems in the future will be very good protection.Such as a well-known brand promise: wooden door the wooden door with good quality are sold for three years, any quality problems can be unconditional return, and lifetime maintenance.Four, the door must be sure don’t what should first clear the overall good decorate a style to decorate the style of the design, selection and matching of doors and Windows.Second, should use a room according to determine its use function.Such as according to use place and use can be divided into general adornment door, shutter door and bring the decoration of the glass door and so on.General adornment door can be used as a door.Shutter door is mainly installed in the storage room to facilitate ventilation.And bring the decoration of the glass door can be installed in the hallway of the bedroom, etc, to increase the decorative effect.Five, the environmental protection wooden door is family health is the most important produce harmful substances mainly come from man-made wooden wooden door plank and paint coating.When wood of choose and buy should understand the environmental protection index is formaldehyde release a quantity soluble chromium Poly Shutters Wholesale 60 mg/kg.Formaldehyde-free pollutant release, have qualitative light, good rigidity, waterproof, anti-corrosion and insect-resistant eat by moth, sound insulation, thermal insulation, flame retardant and so on the characteristic of wooden door when choice, its material like wood, nails, can be saw, plane, feel a warm sense of wood.

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