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How to choose the best security locks? Security door lock type

[ChinaGoodWood.com] the anti-theft door lock is a core component of the anti-theft door, and is the first level to ensure the anti-theft door.
But the door lock of guard against theft on the market because a few manufacturer chase after profit to ignore the quality of guard against theft lock, bring about guard against theft door not guard against theft.
Therefore, the choice of a good anti-theft door lock is very important, how to choose the best anti-theft door lock?
Xiaobian will introduce you.
1. According to the security index,Shutter Part anti-theft locks can be divided into A, B and super-b categories, and the anti-destructive opening time can be divided into
15 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes, the anti-technical opening time is
A minute
5 minutes
180-270 minutes, the mutual opening rate of grade A is not greater than 3/10000, grade B is not greater than 1/10000, and the super grade B is not greater than 1/10000.
The national standard shows that the super B class special anti-lock has great advantages in both anti-technology opening time and mutual opening rate, but the common “AB” lock on the market belongs to the class A lock of common protection level.
In fact?
Most “AB” locks often fail to meet the national standard level A locks?
Their defense skills often open less than a minute.
2, anti-theft door locks by type anti-theft door lock on the market at present is developing rapidly in the direction of electronic intelligence, mainly has the most basic electronic anti-theft door lock, IC card inductive password anti-theft door lock, TM card anti-theft door locks, remote anti-theft door locks, fingerprint anti-theft locks, such as mechanical basically will slowly become history, if you are home, Shutter Part Wholesale small make up recommend with multi-functional intelligent fingerprint lock.
Two, how to choose the best anti-theft door lock anti-theft door lock security index is not appropriate to use, the performance is different.
So when actual buy, how to choose good guard against theft door lock?
The following is to choose anti-theft door lock six aspects of the matter, for your reference: 1, to choose a quality assurance brand because the brand manufacturers throughout the country have after-sales service fire doors and Windows, free on-site maintenance in the warranty period.
2, the opening direction of the door pay attention to the purchase and purchase of the same opening direction of your door lock, because the hand lock left, right handle.
3, the function of anti-theft door lock in the choice of hand lock should strive to lock the hand shape of each function is consistent, make the bedroom more harmonious.
4, security door hinge should pay attention to the selection of enough strength of the hinge, so as not to fall the door for a long time, resulting in the impact of the lock open, or even broken.
5, the door thickness of 35-50mm spherical lock, 35-55mm plug type, 42mm core lock, 35-55 pin lock.
6, the central distance should be based on the structure of the door to choose the door lock fire doors and Windows, the lock tongue can be divided into 60mm and 70mm,Shutter Part Factory the width of the door bone in the 100mm above the use of 70mm lock tongue, in the 100mm below, 90mm above the choice of 60mm lock tongue.

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