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How to clean and maintain the glass closet door

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 the door of vitreous chest is loved by partial consumer with its transparent, diversiform adornment effect, nevertheless vitreous chest door essentially still is glass, so use at ordinary times be about to be careful, avoid vitreous door to be damaged.
Besides, how to clean and maintain the glass closet door?
The following methods are introduced to consumers.
Door of vitreous chest maintains a method 1, do not force collision vitreous face at ordinary times,PVC Louver scratch flower to prevent vitreous face, had better spread on tablecloth.
Put things on the glass furniture, to take light put, avoid collision.
2, when daily cleanness, wipe with wet towel or newspaper can, if encounter smudge, usable towel dips in beer or lukewarm vinegar wipe, also can use the glass cleaner that sells on the market at present additionally agent, avoid USES acerbity alkaline stronger solution cleanness.
3, once the frosted glass with decorative patterns is dirty, you can dip in the toothbrush with detergent, along with the pattern can be wiped in a circle to remove.
In addition, also can drip a bit kerosene on glass or dip in with chalk ash and gesso pink water besmear is on glass air,PVC Louver Wholesale reoccupy clean cloth or cotton is wiped, such glass already clean bright.
4, glass furniture had better be placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth at will;
Want to place thing steadily, heavy thing should place vitreous furniture bottom, prevent furniture center of gravity to be not sure to cause overturn.
In addition, to avoid moisture, away from the stove, and acid, alkali and other chemical reagent isolation, to prevent corrosion.
5. Using plastic wrap and a damp cloth sprayed with detergent can also help the glass, which is often covered with oil, “regain its life”.
First of all, the glass will be sprayed on the cleaner, and then stick cling film, so that the solidified oil softening, after ten minutes, tear cling film, and then wipe with a wet cloth can.
To keep the glass bright and clean, you must often clean hands, if there is handwriting on the glass, you can use rubber immersion friction, and then wipe with a wet cloth;
If there is paint on glass, usable cotton dips in hot vinegar is swabbed;
Dip in with clean dry cloth alcohol wipes glass, can make its bright like crystal.
Notice cleanness, maintain good use habit, it is vitreous chest door maintains best method.
If encounter vitreous chest door to have more stubborn besmirch,PVC Louver Factory can consult above method undertakes cleaning.
And, let glass chest door touch besmirch to want seasonable cleanness carelessly at ordinary times.

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