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I don’t know how to distinguish HaoLai real wood door?

Small white: don’t worry, small make up drive incoming professional literacy!Not every consumer is able to discern the wood material directly, especially for the first time in domestic outfit’s white, don’t know anything for indoor door of choose and buy is fully,Door Jamb so we should how important to distinguish the real wood door the door?Small make up today about the share discern a few practical tips to everyone, so you is also a small white outfit, that quickly stamp come in and have a look.From solid wooden door, the weight of the we know will be heavier, more high quality door core material, in particular, but can’t deny is, because we are not professional, so for the material of wooden door leaf weight balance is not very accurate, that is to say, if only from the weight up to distinguish, we can not very accurate identify real real wood door, so we will change a method.Look from the appearance, general and high grade wood paint are relatively smooth natural, Door Jamb Wholesale texture is clear, but if you want to identify the real wood door, we can through the surface decoration of texture and transparency of paint will distinguish, general and high grade paint the doors of transparency is better, texture clear, very beautiful., of course, we can also from solid wood veneer and solid wood to see the joining together, the high quality wood door process the wood veneer and solid wood splicing processing is relatively fine, if we don’t watch carefully is can’t see the trace of the combination of, but if the process is more noticeable rough, joining together, so the quality is not good to go.Suggest that consumers in the choose and buy when it is important to note that and the flatness is one of the ways in which identification of wooden door of the door leaf, surface smooth wooden door general quality can’t bad where to go.So, Door Jamb Factory we at the time of real wood of choose and buy must carefully distinguish between, such ability can choose to indoor door products, we will know and after installation can also reflect our grade, reflect our home outfit glamour.

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