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Introduction of window opening methods and advantages and disadvantages

Push and pull window: the window is pushed and pulled left and right or up and down along the track.
Advantages: no occupation of indoor and outdoor space, light operation, especially suitable for the balcony.
Disadvantages: maximum opening can only reach the entire window area of 1/2;
In stormy weather, the Windows can only be closed, unable to breathe;
It is more difficult to clean the glass surface facing outwards;
Poor sealing, moisture, Door Jamb dust easy to enter;
The sliding rail of the window frame slides back and forth, with a large space on the top and a gap between the pulleys on the bottom, resulting in a large heat loss.
Flat window: is a traditional window type, the most widely used, especially in the open, open two kinds.
Advantage: the window sash and the window frame all have the rubber sealing layering, the sealing performance is good;
The external flat window has good waterproof performance and does not occupy the indoor space when it is opened;
Inside flat window for regular cleaning, keep the Windows clean.
Disadvantages: open window will occupy outdoor space;
Open window inside easy to hit the child’s head and easy to cause rain, sand and dust to invade the indoor.
Flat hanging window: this is the most widely used window type in Germany, its technical content is relatively high.
It rotates the handle to select the closing of the door and window, and opens inward and hangs inward on the top, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing, ventilation, proper ventilation and anti-theft.
Its hardware is much for abroad entrance, the price is relatively taller.
Advantages: good insulation performance;
During ventilation, fresh air swirls into the room;
When the wind and rain, you can also open the window, keep the indoor air fresh;
Easy to clean the glass surface facing out.
Disadvantages: its technical content is high,Door Jamb Wholesale hardware is mostly imported from abroad, the price is relatively high.
Windows: Windows of the structure and flat window similar, but the hinge (hinge) installation position is different, installed in the top.
Shoot a window to suit the small window such as kitchen, toilet relatively or the guesthouse that has central air conditioning, office building, it is to use form a complete set with flat window, push-pull window sometimes.
Open means because need to make appropriate at present, the open means of window of aluminium alloy of window of great majority of our country model steel USES, use push-pull type, still have additionally even open type and even open on suspension type, each kind of means has actor and actor bad respectively, the user had better undertake choosing according to his need

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