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Is hua limu?Spend pear no advantage?

Many Internet users in the website consultation will be asked some questions about rosewood door, rosewood is what?Spend pear no advantage?Where the price of it?When household is decorated with pear real wood door is ok for you?Today small make up take you to understand the knowledge of this respect!Together and see it!Hua limu first of all, everyone must have a general feeling that rosewood is rare wood, Wood Moulding this rare first is commonly known as the price is high, the second is the collector of ornamental value.Using pear wood to make the door, but essentially nothing good or bad, because this is really depends on personal preferences and economic conditions.There is to see your domestic outfit style, simple a door is not simply let others help you judge, sometimes good things in inappropriate places is a waste, even is a kind of damage and destruction!Naturally, small make up don’t support everyone to do everything we can to satisfy the senses to enjoy!And may risk reinvent the wheel!Hua limu beauty then everyone feel together with small make up the beauty of rosewood,Wood Moulding Wholesale it still wedded to lv, if its wood has ghost, also kind of raccoon dog spot, still wedded to elephant.Wood has the branch of the old nun, old lines curly8, tender straight lines.Round halo wood knot decorative pattern such as money, bright colors, texture clear, beautiful love beautiful collectors it naturally.Wood has the branch of the old nun, hua limu itself also have presbyopia and new hua li, said the former yellow rosewood, colour from yellow to purple red, texture clear beautiful inkstone, have fragrance.The latter show red and yellow color, texture and color is old flower pear is a bit poor.Hua limu pure real wood price, relaxing natural pear more is better!HuaMuChun real wood door, usually in Burma hua li, rosewood hardness high density is big, do the real wood door is a good choice, but it is wood shrinkage, namely easy to crack, but to be able to repair the paint to remedy.A set of real wood price is controlled in 10000 yuan, design is a complex of higher prices.Wood Moulding Factory Other pure real wood material you can choose black walnut, red walnut, sand Billy, etc.Small make up yourself is like rosewood solid wood composite door, appearance is beautiful pear wood veneer, the beauty of natural transplant the rosewood, and will not cause your economic pressure, too!

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