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Little of large-handedness knowledge, wooden door of hand how to choose and buy?

Contemporary house home is decorated in, hold hand lock application more and more widely, especially wooden door locks configuration, now use the basic of hand lock, the question arises, the choose and buy a hand lock, you really choose seriously?To most consumers in the choose of the hand lock, tend to focus on the “lock”, and neglect its hand.In fact, a small hand in the choose and buy has asked the university,Interior Shutters its material, shape and style, in the choose and buy is particular attention should be paid.1. The material of a hand holding hands in the market now there are many kinds of material, each kind of material has its unique features, are not necessarily suitable for domestic outfit on the wooden door, the following pick several kinds of common hand material on the market for everyone to do a simple introduction.Holding hands: ceramic holding hands with beautiful modelling, are very easy to “fall in love at first sight”, but its practicability is low, the inferior ceramic not easy damaged, wear-resisting impact resistance ability is low,Interior Shutters Wholesale in use is easy to cause crack and broken problem, as a wood door holding hands and not enough economic accounting.Zinc alloy holding hands: zinc alloy strength is low, in use process is easy to break, and large wooden door holding hands in the family use frequency, and therefore is not suitable for holding hands with zinc alloy material.Advanced stainless steel: stainless steel material, after surface treatment technology, the luster bright, feel soft, even after the sweat, moisture corrosion is not easy to fade and rust, as wooden door hand very good choice.2. The shape of a hand when it comes to a hand shape, many consumers may be able to shrug off, felt a hand – better quality is enough, what are the major shape?This is people common errors on the cognitive point of view, in fact the shape of a hand and comfort is directly related to People’s Daily use, hold hand shape hand switch used to contrast with and, cause people in daily use process produce all kinds of discomfort,Interior Shutters Factory as well as the bad feeling when movable wooden door, affects the quality of life.3. The style of a hand nowadays wooden door market is more and more hot, the style also presents the diversified characteristics of wooden door, Jane, Jane the United States, European style, Chinese style, contemporary and contracted wind, thus, when choosing a hand also should pay attention to whether the appearance of the hand style and wood door style collocation.

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