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Living room background wall invisible door design considerations

[ChinaGoodWood.com] invisible door of sitting room setting wall more and more get the favour of everybody now, especially more and more opposite young person house is not big, but the whole space that lives in articles for daily use too much appears very crowded, so they tell wall of sitting room setting outspread make invisible door, can outspread a space to let indoor space look so bigger.Below small make up to show you the living room invisible door decoration effect diagram and living room background wall invisible door design considerations.In the pursuit of fashion, the era of personality, not only lifestyle and taste in the quietly changed,Shutter Part even the home has also overturned the traditional style.All sorts of novel and fashionable style is designed, let whole household environment become full of originality, the design of setting wall is one of them.Nowadays, young people is satisfied no longer already simple wall paper or the sitting room setting wall of hand draw, the effect that added invisible door on setting wall with ingenuity, let whole space be full of more magical colour.Whole invisible door setting wall USES the skill that black horizontal bar and white metope undertake tie-in processing entirely, more person whole feels fashionable and leng jun, does a look discover the door is there very hard?Careful observation can discover, door handle appeared on left metope, wall of this kind of invisible door setting can avoid because abrupt feeling and destroy integral effect.Contracted style can show pure and fresh with nature most, colour and curve did best explanation.This is the household adornment that contains Europe type style, the white of simple but elegant, pure and beautiful.Sitting room setting still made invisible door setting wall effect, look at a glance, inspect each frame is invisible door possibly.The real invisible door is on the side close to the window, which avoids damaging the beauty of the wall.A suitable color serves as sitting room setting wall color, it is to reflect whole household style the most crucial factor.Shutter Part Wholesale Black coating, let whole space appear more atmosphere, mystery.Invisible door setting wall was slam the door really pure black, used the means of hand draw design, the combination of colour and curve, let this ordinary space show fashionable breath.Design of invisible door of sitting room setting wall invisible door of design of sitting room setting wall invisible door attention is to want to make up for wall of setting of sitting room TV too short, make TV setting wall becomes long with setting wall invisible door or conceal new space.General sitting room invisible door setting wall is the one part that serves as TV setting wall or sofa setting wall.Can use all sorts of modelling to conceal the door in the wall.Sitting room setting wall is invisible the door design note 1, stealth setting wall color with metope colour door invisible door design in the background color with metope color is consistent, the general is given priority to with light color or color, decorated with strip and block commonly adornment is given priority to, this is related to the shape of the door, hidden door strip and block can be better.2, invisible door background wall design materials use invisible door background wall is mainly invisible, can use gypsum board, Shutter Part Factory wallpaper, dialga mud, hand-painted decoration and soft package materials do decoration, and hinge, lock and fastness.These fittings should coordinate with the style of whole space.3, the invisible door background wall of the way to open the main push and pull and open and close.

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