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Maintenance knowledge: security door “fault” how to repair?

[ChinaGoodWood.com] as guardian family life safety first “will”, security doors to “defend” the important responsibility, but more intrepid “man”, not for a long time to maintain, also can appear lightly little “fault”, here are a few common security door maintenance and repair method, easily solve the problem at home.
Hinge sounding security doors to use for a long time, sometimes hinge will make noise when opening and closing, mainly because the air is humid, or into the dust, in use process cause friction hinge hinge pin and the sound, even if it is watertight, security doors, may also occur in the long-term use of similar small oh,Wood Shutters this is not terrible, but on the hinge into professional liquid lubrication or butter, attention!
Do not use animal or vegetable oils (such as lard, soy oil) as lubricants.
Lock hair acerbity, tightening the average person in the door hair acerbity, or with their problems, tend to prefer drops into the keyhole on the fast solution of some lubricating oil or cooking oil, in so doing, although door lock condition happen immediately in, little imagine, because the oil is easy sticky ash, after the lock will slowly accumulated dust, easy to form oil be bored with child, and they made the door lock is more prone to failure, and will be more and more serious.
In this case, the correct and rapid solution is to use the carbon powder of the pencil core as lubricant and inject it into the lock core.
Doors do not open and close smoothly due to the gravity of the door itself, or door hinges, resulting in the door sinking.
Sometimes lock the door or open the door is not smooth and so on.
It is often very difficult to open and lock the door with a key at this time.
At this point, do not force the key to twist, so as not to break the key, increase the trouble.
If the hinge is loose and causes the door to sink,Wood Shutters Wholesale fasten the loose hinge with screws.
If door frame is out of shape or its reason causes cannot restore, can proceed with from door frame, lock tongue expands accordingly, such, door lock opens close the door to be able to restore normal and fluent.
The lock core outside the anti-theft door cannot be opened. The outer lock core is affected by external forces, and is damaged without trace intentionally, resulting in dislocation of the pins inside the lock core, making the lock core unable to open.
Glue and foreign bodies injected into the lock core can also lead to the lock core can not open, in addition to repairing the lock core in this case, but also beware of ulterior motives.
The solution is also relatively simple, clean up the foreign body, and add pencil powder, with the key to open.
However, if it is caused by sabotage, it is recommended to replace a new lock.
Door and door frame friction issued sound hinge side sundry, door sometimes caused by the impact of external force on the hinge extrusion, so that the door hinge part deformation, resulting in door and door frame friction noise and paint wear;
Open the door when the force is too large, and cause hinge by the impact of external force extrusion door or door frame displacement, may cause door and door frame friction noise and paint wear;
The precision of door seam is exorbitant and door face and door frame aperture are uneven or door face and door frame edge line are not parallel, the likelihood causes door face and door frame to have attrition to produce sound and lacquer surface to wear away.
Tighten the expansion screws on both sides of the door frame to increase the distance between the door frames.
Use 1~3CM thick long wooden strip on the friction place,Wood Shutters Factory close the door slowly and forcefully pressure, can make the friction eliminate.
Use the adjusting wrench to adjust the door hinge screw so that the gap between the door and the frame is in the best position.

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