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New Year will come, solid wood door choose and buy have skill

[ChinaGoodWood.com] in recent years, people growing requirement for bedroom interior decoration, especially the door also coordinated with all kinds of design style, therefore, in the process of the design of the door, there are more and more designers to join some auxiliary materials, so as to make the door to get rid of the dull the modelling of a board, wooden door became fashionable.Wooden door and furniture are same, Wood Shutters it is durable things, besides should notice its quality and performance, still should consider this one part that metope decorates, it is the component element of integral household style, accordingly, the design of the door also is the part that interior design cannot ignore.New Year close will come, a lot of businessman begin the end of the year to let benefit, the owner that needs to decorate next year also can be taken advantage of end of the year greatly promote, do good preparation ahead of time, know skill of a few basic wooden door choose and buy, do not make wooden door small white.To cooperate all sorts of design style, the door also has rural style, of contracted style, nostalgic style a variety of.Besides, want to make bedroom collocation is united on the one hand, want to cast off the repeatability that USES a kind of door for many times again on the other hand, the sister door still appeared on the market, on the foundation with unified design style, the use that differentiates a door through the change of auxiliary material, make the design is in change and unified in reach consensus.1, shop around,Wood Shutters Wholesale choose a cheap purchase in the purchase of real wood door, it is recommended that we do not be deceived by the appearance, not to choose a relatively cheap price because of saving money products, such product quality is certainly not pass.The environmental protection of the door wants to be able to be extremely important, with its choice cheap real wood door, be inferior to buy environmental protection function to have safeguard avoid lacquer door, the price also won’t be expensive how many.2, see appearance proposal when everybody is choosing real wood door, can see the ply of the door first, knock with the hand door, if sound is even and powerful and depressing, explain the quality of the door is better.Small make up to remind you, if it is a pure solid wood door, the surface pattern should be very irregular.If a look at the past, the surface of the door pattern smooth, neat, beautiful, it is likely not the real solid wood door.3, the heavier the door is the more solid wood door many people will feel that the heavier the door is the more solid wood door, this judgment method is wrong.The weight of particle board is sometimes heavier than the board of real wood, although the raw material is relatively light, but the production process added a lot of adhesive, Wood Shutters Factory adhesive curing in the board occupies a larger proportion, so that its weight is heavier.Because the size of the door leaf of woodiness door, ply and of door core filling are different, all its weight also is not same, should not take weight as the basis that judge.

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