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Quality and environmental protection gradually become the focus

[ChinaGoodWood.com] at present, price is no longer the focus of consumers’ attention, they have shifted more attention to product design, engineering, environmental protection and other aspects.The professional personage inside course of study thinks, “before consumer may pay attention to price more,Door Jamb but as the maturity of consumption concept, they won’t choose door window product simply because of price, more important is to analyse cost performance ratio, the price is very small one hand, construction quality and environmental protection factor become the factor that key considers gradually.”Industry analysis said: “consumers choose brand door and window products idea more clear, or more targeted.Below this kind of circumstance, the decisive factor that affects consumer is low price no longer, the price that door window enterprise can offer however and service whether can satisfy consumer to design, service or the requirement of each respect of consumer psychology.The change of consumer psychology promoted the change of door window business marketing strategy.Zun rui door window controller expresses: “to our door window enterprise character, the value that gives consumer henceforth should exceed price ability to get favour, door enterprise discounts promotion to begin to become less, and the upgrade on new material, new craft is updating from time to time however.”At the same time, the door and window enterprises are also trying to shape their own brand, even if it is promotion, but also to maintain their own image.Lin hui wood products person in charge thinks, the calm of market surface of domestic outfit is actually “regression standard”.”The door and window industry should do more essential things, strive to improve core competitiveness, improve engineering quality,Door Jamb Wholesale improve the nature of service.”Now the door and window industry development ushered in the brand era, enterprises pay attention to brand building, but also pay more attention to the media communication of the terminal, which on the one hand can promote the improvement of their own quality, on the other hand, but also to consumers imperceptibly spread the “brand standard”, and this process, but also the Windows and doors enterprise marketing concept of the promotion.

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