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Real wood roasting lacquer door maintains small secret to lengthen wooden door life effectively

[ChinaGoodWood.com] door is the earliest and most widely used natural wood material in human history.
Solid wood roasting lacquer door is developing in science and technology height today, although a lot of new material emerge in endlessly, but lumber still is everywhere reflecting main action, be in especially building and furniture material respect, reflect particularly outstanding.
In appropriate and long period, wooden door window and furniture hold dominant position consistently.
Solid wood roasts lacquer door to think the wooden door that we see extensively in this day can be divided roughly for solid wood compound door,Traditional Shutters solid wood door.
Meantime real wood compound the exterior of the door is diversiform, the style is rich, or delicate Europe type carve patterns on woodwork, or Chinese style is classical all sorts of Mosaic, or vogue is contemporary, the door of different adornment characteristic gave consumer broad choose a space.
So nature England sends whole wood to make to order will talk about real wood to bake lacquer door to maintain small dookey, be worth your seeing certainly.
1, do not hang heavy objects on the door, to prevent the reduction of life;
Open and close the door, do not force too hard or open the Angle is too large;
Do not rub the glass too hard to prevent injury.
2, when eradicating dirt of wooden door surface, choose soft cotton cloth to wipe, scratch the surface very simply with hard cloth.
If besmirch is too heavy, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or furniture are special cleaner, dry wipe again after going besmirch.
Cannot scour with water or wipe with too wet dishcloth, prevent wooden door warp deformation.
3, pay attention to soak neutral reagent or moisture cloth do not place in the wood door surface for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface, the surface of the decorative material discoloration or peeling.
4, pay attention to the spearhead of the wooden door is not too much friction, otherwise it will constitute the fall of spearhead paint, and hinges, locks and other hardware parts loose, it is best to ask the professional staff of the manufacturer to repair.
Chongqing real wood paint door when the door opened to announce the sound, Traditional Shutters Wholesale clarify the hinges and other hardware appeared in question.
5, composite paint door pay attention to wood door spearhead place do not want too much friction, otherwise it will constitute spearhead paint fall.
6, the face, lock is mobile accessories, loose, should be tightened immediately, hinge azimuth noise should be timely oil, lock is not sensitive to the keyhole to participate in the right end of the pencil core, not optional oil.
7, because wood has the characteristic of dry shrink, wet bilge, below the circumstance with bigger difference of temperature and humidity, if appear fine craze or shorten, this is normal natural appearance, need not nervous, follow seasonal change, this kind of appearance can disappear naturally.
8, composite baking lacquer door to adhere to the bright color of the wooden door, should be timely waxing for its maintenance.
9, the kitchen bathroom to pay attention to, not water, especially the bottom of the door cover.
10, winter heating question, indoor do not want too drab, the humidity in the air should insist on 40% control, to the floor, to the wooden door, even to the home is the best situation.
11, adhere to good indoor ventilation to make the wooden door in the normal room temperature and humidity, chongqing solid wood paint door to prevent wooden products due to wet,Traditional Shutters Factory temperature difference is too large and deformation, metal parts appear corrosion rust, sealing edge, decorative materials fall.
12, in the winter when using electric heating or other heating equipment, to stay away from wooden products, to prevent its deformation by heat.

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