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Security door installation specifications security door lock core replacement process and steps

[ChinaGoodWood.com] security door installation method (1) security door installation should be in accordance with the type of security door, to take the corresponding installation method.
(2) the door frame of the security door can be fixed with the wall by expansion bolts, or embedded iron parts at the mouth of the masonry wall, and welded firmly with the door frame connector during installation.
(3) no matter how the door frame is connected to the wall,Wood Shutters each side shall have no less than 3 anchoring points and shall be firmly connected.
(4) when installing burglar-proof door, it shall be straightened and hoisted, and shall be temporarily fixed after the size is appropriate, and shall be corrected and adjusted, and then shall be connected and anchored.
(5) require the sliding door to be flexible after installation;
The flat door is easy to open and close tightly.
(6) anti-theft devices shall be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.
(7) the handle, door lock, observation hole and other hardware accessories on the security door must be complete;
The multifunctional security door password lock, electronic alarm password system, doorbell pager and other devices, must be effectively improved.
(8) the clearance with the ground plane shall not be greater than 5mm.
What is the level of anti-theft door lock core?
The lock on the market of guard against theft at present divides roughly 3 kinds: core of A class guard against theft lock (abbreviation: A class lock);
B level anti-theft lock core (abbreviation: B level lock);
Super B level anti-theft lock core (abbreviation: super B level lock).
A lock is A single-row pin structure,Wood Shutters Wholesale the technical opening time is more than 1 minute, to prevent the destructive opening time is not less than 15 minutes;
The b-level lock is a double-release substructure, preventing technical unlock for no less than 5 minutes, and b-level lock core preventing destructive unlock for no less than 30 minutes;
Super B lock is a double explosive structure and invisible bullet lock, preventing technical unlock time no less than 180 minutes.
Lawbreakers are mainly targeted at the traditional A level lock, and the technical opening difficulty of super B level lock is relatively large, when the lawbreakers encounter super B level lock, they will generally ignore.
Only timely upgrade the level of lock, increase the difficulty of technical unlock, prolong the unlock time, can effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property.
1. Find the position of the lock core screw hole and unscrew the lock core.
2, slowly rotate the key, in a certain position, that is, when the fork in the lock core slot, you can pull out the whole lock core from the lock body.
3. At this time, measure the size of the current locking core.
The common lock core, that is,Wood Shutters Factory the diameter of the round head is 17mm, the width of the small head part is 10mm, and the height is 33mm.
If you have the same size as this, then determine the length of L1 and L2.
After changing the lock core, tighten the lock core screw and install the inner and outer handle.

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