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Solid wood composite door ~ winter “skin care” skill

Entering the coldest time of the year, indoor heating supply is enough, not heating area also began to try to keep indoor warm, came a problem, indoor warm, dry air,Vinyl shutters indoor wood door “deformation”.If you don’t want to oneself the home of wooden door quickly “senescence” take a look at how to care.Avoid a lot of good family heating temperature is too high, because the indoor temperature is too high, ventilation long time every day, many people mistakenly think that open a window ventilated, winter indoor temperature drop, natural wood door cracks.In fact, the higher the air temperature, the more saturated water cut, that is to say, the winter indoor outdoor relative humidity.Interior wooden doors from humidity, the real reason for cracks, not temperature, ventilated only at this time the cold air outside in come in, make indoor more dry.To do a good job of hydrating because winter air dry, indoor humidity is low, dust and tiny harmful particles to float in the sky, coupled with the heating of the increase of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, air pollution,Vinyl shutters Wholesale which gives the breeding of bacteria and germs “hotbed”, also has a harmful effect on wooden door.Suggest that we can use in indoor humidifier, can let the humid air, also can give wood moisture, which can prevent weather-shack, wooden door deformation.Rational use of wooden door, completes the hardware protection when using wooden door, don’t commit suicide by hanging in the door leaf hanging heavy objects or prevent sharp objects knock against, scratches, open or closed doors, don’t be too hard or open Angle is too large, in order to prevent damage to wooden door.After a summer of wooden door “baked” after inspection,Vinyl shutters Factory enter easily also presents various refuses to soil and water in winter.Good moisturizing homework, let the wooden door can have the most suitable humidity and temperature, can also extend the use fixed number of year of wooden door.The edges of wooden door place do not often friction, in order to avoid facing material fade breakage form edges.

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