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Steel door six maintenance knowledge

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 the weather is cold and hot capricious, the change of four seasons, of gangmu door maintain very important, maintain correctly, can prolong the service life of gangmu door, so of gangmu door maintain it is our daily must notice.
1, let the steel door in the normal room temperature, humidity, to prevent the product due to the wet temperature difference is too large and deformation, and prevent the corrosion of metal parts, sealing edge, decorative material off.
When using electric heating or other to warm oneself equipment in cold winter,Wood Shutters must be far from woodiness product, lest make its suffer heat to be out of shape or appear, the surface is damaged.
2, the central heating problem in winter, indoor do not want too dry, the humidity in the air should maintain in 40% left and right sides, it is best condition to steel wood door, live in to living in even.
Avoid outdoor sunshine as far as possible in summer long illuminate, prevent steel wood door to be heated.
In the important position of steel and wood doors, such as: locks, hinges and other places, if loose to tighten immediately, there is a stiff voice on the need to ensure that the lubricating oil does not wear away the key parts and other parts.
3, steel and wood door paint is afraid of knock against, open or close the door, do not force too hard or open Angle is too large, so as not to cause damage, pay attention to the steel and wood door edges and corners do not too much friction, otherwise it will cause edges and corners paint off, so in the impact protection should pay attention to.
4, cleaning, can not be swabbed with organic solvents, organic solvents will certainly destroy the surface paint layer.
Steel wood door is solid wood skin, very afraid of fire.
5, maintain the steel door with glass, pay attention not to detergent or water into the glass layering gap, so as not to layering deformation.
Do not rub the glass too hard, so as not to damage the glass and personal injury.
After the glass is damaged or there is a big knock, be sure to ask professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.
6, steel and wood doors are afraid of water, if it is bubble, generally speaking,Wood Shutters Wholesale it is very troublesome, but for the moisture problem, the current finished steel and wood door industry is doing well, the kitchen bathroom to pay attention to, not water, especially the bottom of the steel and wood door cover.
Weather is cold and hot fugacious, the change of four seasons, of gangmu door maintain very important, maintain correctly, can prolong the service life of gangmu door!
Steel and wood door maintenance is we must pay attention to.

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