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Suit door good suit door size

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 set door is our modern home decoration universal choice, on the market set door products more and more, that set door size, have you learned?
So today we’ll take a look at the size of the door set related to the introduction.
Set door dimension Chinese style measures door method: measure wide with our country standard first namely 5 meters tape measure, measure tall again ,PVC Profiles take the minimum value of above wide, tall next as target dimension.
Finally, measure the thickness of the wall, measure the thickness of the left and right walls and the top wall respectively, take the maximum value as the target size, and measure the relevant data (width error standard 40mm, height error standard 30mm).
International measure door law: stand from the place of door hole 2000mm namely, with the eye eye is measured, the verticality of left and right sides wall and top wall, wide, tall (consider floor height) with the narrowest place is accurate, ply is accurate with the widest place, measure data with international tape measure respectively.
Suit door height if want to install standard door, criterion door hole asks as follows: 1, the dimension of bedroom standard door core is 2000*8002, unproduced door core is 2000*700 for the most part, also have 2000*800, above is dimension of standard door core.
3, the size of the general hole is high 2050-2070, according to the thickness of the floor wood floor to reserve the height.
4. The width (take the 800 door core as an example)860-880.
The flatness of the doorway is better, door jacket board adjusts a space to be smaller.
Measure the size of the door frame when the door hole, the size of the door core is calculated after subtracting the frame and installing adjustment space.
Suit door advantage 1, craft is good: will tell commonly,PVC Profiles Wholesale brand wood door has the production machinery equipment that has dimensions quite, in the dry degree of lumber, finger is connected, flatness, on paintline more mature, more dominant on the production of the door.
2, installation is fast: a lot of owners hope to be able to neatly complete the home decoration, it is suitable for the choice of suit door, suit door installation is faster, the service cycle is short, the service is relatively perfect, if the choice of handmade wooden door in the time is not so convenient.

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