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Summer Windows and doors protection strategy

[ChinaGoodWood.com] scorching summer high temperature is ceaseless, to a lot of woodiness taste also are same and difficult, for instance the wooden door of the home may appear the craze of different degree, be out of shape and take off lacquer skin to wait for “heatstroke” phenomenon.
It is reported, this is because natural lumber is in growing process lumber density is uneven, as the change of climate in using process, plus the channel that certain inferior close lacquer cannot isolate air effectively to enter lumber fiber, lumber can absorb moisture in the air of high humidity,Shutter Part produce the change of stress inside and outside and bring about be out of shape, craze.
The dilate coefficient of wood product can be more apparent when air temperature is high, consumer can undertake a few simple maintenance through wooden door, prevent its “heatstroke”.
For example, use protective wax or special cleanser to spread evenly on the wooden door surface, and then gently wipe to maintain its luster and moistureproof.
And in sultry weather, do not use the dishcloth that takes water directly as far as possible to its clean, in the corner of the home, can choose a few hygroscopic box, active carbon to wait for dehumidification things.
Additional, clear a room in time even damp, often use change air fan and ventilator to ventilate and change air, indoor plant can be put in the balcony or sitting room, do not put in the vicinity of the door, lest be in irrigate when leaking, cause the ground to wait for foaming like wooden floor, bring about wooden door cannot close.
Many people in the home “eat ash” main reason is all round wooden door and door bottom existence aperture, door is the important one annulus that prevents sand dust.
At present a lot of door are steel door of guard against theft, the sealing of the door whether good with the flatness of the door and sealing system have very big concern.
If the flatness of the door is not enough or produce deformation,Shutter Part Wholesale there will be dust quietly invasion, so in the purchase or replacement of security doors, choose a high flatness of security doors is very critical.
And the old style single layer glazing with a few bad sealing also makes sand and dust invade easily, these Windows exist material ageing commonly, the phenomenon such as damage of leather mat, sealing strip, need to undertake reinstallation or maintenance.
Double glazing plastic steel Windows are effective in preventing dust.

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