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Teach you how to distinguish real wood compound door

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 pillar-replacing solid wood door edge line for wood-plastic consumers in the choice of wooden doors, often focus too much attention on the door, and ignored the door cover and door edge line.
A few unscrupulous businessman can use door cover and door leaf different capable person is qualitative, normal practice is door cover after making a frame with lumber, plane plane, plane is straight, assemble model is installed on wall body next, again overlay basic level board and act the role of face plate.
But on the market at present, a few inferior door are covered do not do basic level processing,Traditional Shutters stick on the surface directly a very thin act the role of face plate, plank and wall body are very hard complete agglutinate.
In addition, when a few peddlers are selling commodity so called is solid wood sideline, often can use wood model instead however.
Common wood model material and real wood edge material do not look carefully, appearance is about the same, but the price difference is very big however, one meter wood model is about 60 yuan to 80 yuan between, and real wood edge material wants 100 yuan of above however.
Countermeasure: when accepting bao men project, can knock door window to cover side board with the hand, if send out empty drumbeat, explain bottom layer does not have the basic level plank such as mat joinery board, should dismantle redo.
When choose and buy, want to ask clear businessman door to cover, door edge line is what material to pledge, when they feel you are adept when, dare not deceive you easily.
It is understood that the current wooden door industry is very lack of excellent installation workers, so due to improper measurement caused by the installation of the problem is very common.
According to introducing, there are a few elements should notice when measuring real wood door, it is the width of the door above all, because the wall is not straight, so when measuring width should measure bottom, middle and top 3 places at least, want to take the narrowest that value;
It is the ply of real wood door cover next, same reason, because wall is not straight, also want to measure so bottom, middle and coping 3 positions, take the biggest value.
If you make a mistake or measure only one place, it is likely to be unable to install because of a 0.5cm error, and sometimes even hit the wall to install.
Countermeasure: consumer had better be in when measuring the spot, the data that checks the measurement number of personnel and record, once measured the dimension of the door, do not do again in the metope that is close to the door “article”, if stick ceramic tile to wait.
If you must move, you must inform the merchant within 24 hours after the surveyor leaves.
Hide all one’s money decal door sells stick leather door price a few economy real wood doors to cut corners, can be in wooden door is close to door lock and install the place of hinge leaf to fill whole lumber, other place USES inferior lumber however.
Because the door lock needs to be dug, consumers can see the material inside the wooden door,Traditional Shutters Wholesale which can be configured to hide the truth.
Another way of concealment is the surface stickers wooden door said to be pasted veneer real wood door, wood grain paper surface texture and real wood grain texture is very similar, ordinary consumers do not carefully identify simply can not see.
However, the price difference between the two is very large, the same area of wood grain paper than wood cheaper than three or four hundred yuan, if “unfortunately” is recognized by consumers, businesses will use “this is technology paper” to justify.
Countermeasure: introduce according to professional, grain of mu wen paper is more inflexible, even, a few real wood doors of same decal are arranged together, grain can appear consistent, if encounter groove, paper can compare fruity, docile;
And veneer can have the phenomenon such as scar, spot, black line, a few doors are put together, grain is not consistent for certain, if veneer encounters groove, neither fruity also do not obey.
Hang sheep head sell vinegar said different consumers into the store and sell, buy experienced staff will take the initiative to ask how much its going to buy the door of the price, if consumer 7800 yuan is the quoted price, shoppers will come up with a cross section of real wood door, said it was 7800 yuan wood material, but in fact out of one thousand yuan of above real wood core cross section, quality excellent, in order to attract consumers.
Another common trick is to present a cross-sectional sample of a solid wood core to the consumer, only to sell honeycomb paper as a filler for a solid wood door, since it is impossible for the consumer to split the door open to see the material inside.
Countermeasure: the personage inside the line introduce to say, when buying a door besides goods compares outside, if fill content is different, weigh in hand ok weigh in hand weight can identify come out;
Some businessmen are qualitative to conceal real wood door to pledge, of the meeting door all round, include bottom to seal lacquer to make a person cannot distinguish from the exterior completely, and the door all round of normal businessman and bottom are not to go up lacquer;
In addition, common real wood sticks plank door cost to add freight cost to be in at least 1000 yuan of above, if so-called real wood door sells 700 or 800 yuan however, that quality has a problem for certain.
Cut corners paint process half on the market set solid wood doors are pu paint.
Generally speaking, pu paint should go through six working procedures such as color finding, three bottom and two sides, and some brands of wooden doors can even achieve seven working procedures.
But at present the door on the market has only 23 working procedure,Traditional Shutters Factory and brush less paint saves 50 yuan at least.
Countermeasures: solid wood door paint finish.
The wooden door with little working procedure, paint film looks certainly not full, not rich, have less than effective protection effect to wooden door surface.
And real working procedure arrived, paint film looks to be full certainly, rich, and have smooth finish.

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