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The advantage that door of shower room of frameless type designs and choose and buy

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 in emphasizing the dry and wet separation of fresh bathroom space, the choice of shower sliding door is very important, we often see the hotel frameless shower room sliding door design is very good, a lot of people will think every day in the home can also have such experience, so we will understand how to choose it!
Principle of choose and buy 1, the bathroom with lesser space,Shutter Part the shower sliding door that suggests to choose to do not have casing to design as far as possible, after the shower sliding door that has a frame is installed actually, the space that place occupies is more, and without casing sliding door USES transparent aggrandizement glass material to pledge mostly, also can increase the ductility on the vision.
With door piece open type for, push type because need to have a space to extend, opposite character, mining sliding door type won’t take up other space quite.
Shower door 2, on the market, mainly by the improved glass, glass metal fixture precision, in general, to do a shower sliding door of glass thickness are usually more than 8 mm, and hardware for glass group of stand, in front of the improved process must cooperate with glass hardware in open hole,Shutter Part Wholesale polished edge processing, etc.
3, the advantage of frameless shower sliding door is to be able to depend on the demand of the spot, if size, open the door to move line program design, reason space is used perfect, the hardware fittings that adds use is extremely simplified, the vision penetrates the effect is beautiful, if collocation USES the aggrandizement glass of 8mm above, safety and durable sex do not have the difference that the frame comes absolutely than.
Attention of choose and buy 1, frameless shower sliding door is to belong to a kind of body to order the glass project that make, and integral quality depends on material quality, reach interface conformity zhou yan, the manufacturer that initial stage chooses to have professional program to design, it is necessary absolutely.
2, frameless shower sliding door, all need to match glass, choose glass of a complete aggrandizement, ply wants 8 mm of above at least, integral structure just is enough safe.
3, the most important effect of frameless shower door is still the material of hardware accessories, good hardware accessories, Shutter Part Factory low wear, the service life is longer.
4, the construction quality of the construction personnel is also an important factor, so the choice of a good construction company, is the most important.

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