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The advantages of wood doors and Windows

[ChinaGoodWood.com] now people pay attention to formaldehyde pollution when decorating, so many people will choose wooden products, like wooden doors and Windows are loved by many consumers.Today, introduce to everybody wooden door window installation notes, and the advantage of wooden door window.One is the large gap between the door and window fan and the frame. The main reason is that the plane repair is not allowed and the door and window frame are not perpendicular to the ground.If the door and window frame is not vertical,Vinyl shutter components the spacer behind the frame should be straightened.2 it is hardware installs quality to differ, basically be the hinge that open the door flatly did not go up is, bring about door window fan and casing are not level off.Each hinge can be first unscrewed a screw, and then adjust the flatness of doors, Windows and frames, adjust and repair without error before tightening all the screws.Screw must be straight, first into the full length of 1/3, and then screw in 2/3, do not screw in or oblique screw in.3 it is door leaf switch is not agile, basically be a lock to have a problem to install, should remove lock tongue board, repair tongue groove with chisel, adjust position of door frame lock tongue mouth to install lock tongue board again.Fourth, when sliding sliding door window, it should be tightened, which is mainly caused by the Central Line of upper and lower track or rail groove is not in the same plumb plumb surface. The upper and lower track should be aligned with the plumb plumb of rail groove Central Line by adjusting the track position.The advantages of wood doors and Windows 1, good thermal insulation performance of the Windows is the building to send out the most heat, can be said to be the weak link in the maintenance structure, according to the research and measurement of the construction department, the general building energy consumption 40% is from the window to send out.There are three forms of heat transfer: conduction, Vinyl shutter components Wholesale convection and radiation.Conduction mainly occurs in window frames and sashes, convection occurs in the sealing and crevice of Windows and doors, and radiation mainly occurs on the glass surface.Because wood is an excellent insulation material, thermal conductivity is very low, blocking the thermal bridge.The structure of contemporary wood window ensured air tightness and rainwater leakage sex effectively again.Therefore, high-performance wooden Windows can reduce building energy consumption by 15%.In the cold winter indoor temperature above 20 ℃ and outdoor temperature at 25 ℃ below using high-performance pure solid-wooden window, the energy saving principle, also reduced the heat transfer and reduce the energy consumption.2, the sound insulation performance of good window affects the quality of life of habitant and illicit close sex.Modern city traffic noise and noise make the window sound insulation performance is more important, and indoor conversation and behavior, sometimes need to maintain privacy.So the modern residence and the office building have the quite high request to the window sound insulation performance.Modern high performance solid wood Windows are superior to special structure and material features, excellent sound insulation performance, can reduce noise about 25dB, if there is a special need, can further improve the sound insulation performance.3, beautiful, decorative performance is good in many building materials, wood visual effect and tactile effect is the best, the natural color of wood pleasant, different tree species have different styles and colors, different from steel Windows, aluminum Windows, plastic Windows shiny, cold feeling, it can create a very harmonious and pleasant environment.4, long service life from the history,Vinyl shutter components Factory China’s ancient wooden Windows after hundreds of years of vicissitudes of life, and the preservation of so far everywhere.From the modern point of view, the last century in the fifties and sixties of the building, the Windows are basically all wood, and now continue to use this fully proved in the correct structural design, reasonable dry, anticorrosive conditions, maintain regular maintenance and paint, wooden Windows can achieve a very long service life.

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