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The causes and the prevention measures of ambry of bending deformation

Most of the time, when you look at it took a lot of energy and money, and worked so hard to choose, decorate good ambry, in not long after starts bending deformation, you must be sad, and wonder.Do you want to know is this why?Also want to know how to remedy?Then let’s find out why…Water??Results in a splint deformation in the cupboard, mildew rot the culprit when cabinets appear plate deformation,Shutter Panel mildew rot and even eliminate the pipeline, the metope of porous, of course, is due to be affected with damp be affected with damp wood.Sum up basically has the following several aspects 1, decorate material itself high moisture content;2, the construction of metope, ground used wet homework, did not work to install condole cabinet of metope, ground, wall ark, of metope, ground water is absorbed by the wood decoration materials;3, install contained in the pipes of the sealing is lax or ground has been in the wet state, causing the ground ark of wooden materials of water be affected with damp be affected with damp;4, woodiness material for anti-corrosion treatment against the wall;5, woodiness material parts of the water against the wall unable to send out.Prevention measures 1, decorate the moisture content of materials should be controlled under 15% in the south region, the northern region or heating area should be controlled below 12%;2 basic after drying, metope, ground, and then install condole cabinet, closet;Before 3, install condole cabinet, closet, on the near wall parts and on metope and easy be affected with damp be affected with damp parts of woodiness material should brush on preservatives;4, drainage pipeline interface should be sealed inside ark, prevent water overflow.Application sealant seal around the basin, sink, prevent water overflow when the water along the aperture infiltration woodiness material;5, condole cabinet, closet due to install on the wall, woodiness material after moisture absorption, moisture is not easy to send out, so the cabinet in the splint wooden materials such as surface should be to brush paint.Why cabinet door deformation cabinet door in the use of a period of time after the bending deformation, even unable to switch, etc., sums up and without a word “water”.The reason is that 1, lumber moisture content is too low or too high.The moisture content is too low, swell deformation after moisture absorption;Moisture content is too high, dry shrinkage deformation.2, brush the paint cupboard door front side (outer), the medial no brush, no brush wooden materials for single-side moisture absorption,China Shutter Panel evaporation drying, the cupboard door bending deformation.Combined with general and condole cabinet, closet doors thinner, environmental impact, the thinner the can’t afford to the outside world is more easily to be out of shape.3, due to the material of lumber itself factors, wooden door with the change of moisture content and temperature and deformation.Prevention and control measures in view of the above situation, in ambry that several aspects should be strengthened in the process of production control.In terms of the moisture content of lumber, having said that, in front of the air humidity is high in the south area of the wood moisture content should be controlled at about 15%, and dry in the north of the area should be controlled at about 12%, generally should not be less than 8% of cabinet door inside and outside even bottom crown surface of the door to brush paint, such as plastic coated surface should also be fully posted, so that the inside and outside are protected.In addition, the thickness of the door leaf should not be less than 20 mm. The production of door leaf material appropriate USES joinery board, multilayer plywood.Such as wood, should avoid to use easy deformation of wood and parts (such as logs on the edge of the part).Ambry door why some families easily rupture force will be slightly when the glass door of the cabinet in the switch fracture, even some of the glass will shatter themselves.Appear to roughly the following several reasons for this: 1, glass and cupboard door no elastic material isolation between the bottom of the channel, the layering, this direct contact with the cause of glass fracture;Loose glass or nail is too tight, door leaf switch when the vibration is also easy to cause the glass fracture;2, glass cut is too big, not leave allowance, when installation, glass roof directly to the door leaf notches or hard embedding slot, then, due to temperature difference, squeeze will be broken glass;3, toughened glass from exploding.Prevention and control measures in cut glass, should narrow slit size each edge according to 3 mm, with empty space between the glass and notches, to meet the needs of the deformation.Should be used when installing a glass, fill elastic material, such as: putty, rubber strip, sealant, etc, make the glass and door leaf notches, isolation between the bottom of the channel,Shutter Panel Wholesale is in the elastic fixed position, avoid collision caused the glass broken.Tempered glass should be in advance before the steel processing edge grinding, chamfering, chamfering, because the end of toughened glass and edge parts poor ability to resist the external force, the edge grinding, chamfering, chamfering process of toughened glass is installed on the door leaf, can prevent the glass on the edge of the point are squeezed and fracture, in order to reduce the detonation phenomenon.

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