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The change of the concept of real wood door, buy a door to do door after all should choose which

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 many consumers in the process of buying wooden doors, there is a misunderstanding??
Only “all solid wood” is good.
Actually the real wood door that says on the market at present is not complete real wood.
A lot of consumer go to wooden door inn choose and buy a product, the first sentence asks namely “complete real wood”, once hear negative answer, twist a head to go.
Actually, this is the reason that lacks understanding to contemporary wooden door.
As we have learned, the wooden door on the market is mostly with pine or entrance fill material is door core framework, apply outside medium density board and real wood wood bark, after high temperature hot pressing is made, call for “real wood compound door”.
And what common people seeks alleged “door of complete real wood”,Traditional Shutters because price reason, use at commonly only with makings less breed and place, wait for small local such as batten, sealing edge.
Accordingly, solid wood seals a side, stick the practice of wooden skin is contemporary wood door highest level, although be entrance is advanced European wood door also is such.
On the other hand, no matter be traditional real wood door or contemporary real wood compound door, the difference of the element such as because of its material qualitative, grain, the lumber that USES, have apparent tall, in, low grade cent, market price also is in 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan differ.
Red pine, fir, oak wood all belong to the wood door that compares low grade to use material, high-grade solid does not have walnut, cherry wood, sha bili to wait.
High-grade solid wood veneer is far more than the value of the low-grade wood, especially a lot of cheap real wood, due to the dehydration process does not pass/(wood wood is usually used for drying, the relative moisture content in 8% to 12%), wooden door after a greater chance of shape, craze, so now the wooden door of most used high-grade wood veneers, and often the price does not poor, its product quality and effect of product class, exterior also is compared cheap tower above of door of door of completely real wood a lot of.
Additional, material of face of contemporary wood door is very much, use wood skin and paster are very common, but class differs completely.
Wooden doors rich in natural texture, beautiful impact resistance, but the price is relatively high;
The wooden door of the sticker is easy to break and is afraid of water, but the price is low and belongs to the popular product.
Customer patronize wooden door inn, make clear is real wood, wooden skin or of sticker is very crucial, of real wood, stick wooden skin can call “wooden door”, and of sticker can call only “grain wooden door”.
Concerned personage reminds when consumer is buying wooden door, should see this product whether to have the product certificate that the country makes first, and the wooden door category that the concerned department detects on product certificate of certain attention checks a certificate, lest be duped.
A reader surnamed zhang called to report that his home decoration project has completed the transformation of water and electricity, can immediately on-site production of wooden doors.
Before this he visited a few example construction sites of same village, discovery has buy finished product wood door, also have spot custom-made wood door, he does not know how to choose for a time?
Manual door VS industrial production of finished products set wooden doors in quality, paint process, environmental protection and other aspects are better than manual doors.
Famous brand wood door has the production equipment that has dimensions relatively,Traditional Shutters Wholesale on the dry degree of lumber, finger is connected, flatness, paint line more mature.
And manual wood door and cover use big core board and 3 plywood to make more, the paint that brushes is not as good as the beauty that the factory produces, because this is delicate with detail character, suggest consumer of choose and buy product solid wood door.
Because the manufacturer of suit door is characteristic with production line, decided suit door style and colorific repeatability is strong and the defect that lacks change.
And the randomness of manual door is big, can satisfy master minute detail requirement, wait like concealed door, invisible door.
The home installs wooden door is to do still buy finished product door?
In service respect, the service cycle of suit door is short, installation speed is fast, general door of 56 door frame or window frame, one day can install end.
With respect to the craft precision of wooden door and beautiful character, the finished product door of industrialization is certain better than manual door.
In general, if your home decoration style is simple, and hope to end the decoration neatly, it is best to buy a door;
If the carpentry of your home works more, the requirement change on the design of the door is bigger, can consider to do a door manually, but carpentry works more, also want to consider environmental protection problem.
As wooden doors belong to the functional decorations on the facade of a house, generally speaking, a door has a greater correlation with furniture, wall paint, window covers and pass in a home, and a smaller correlation with the floor.
When bedroom environment is warm color attune, relative wood door can choose warmer color department, be like: violet bignonia, cherry wood, teak, sha bili.
When bedroom environment is cool and tonal, should choose relatively shallow wooden door, if mix oily white, maple to wait.
Wooden doors should be similar to the color of furniture.Traditional Shutters Factory It should be consistent with the pass of a window cover as far as possible (nowadays there are a lot of pass, skirting boards and corner protection lines in the pass of a window cover). There should be a corresponding contrast with the wall color.
If: the wooden door that mixes oil white had better let metope paint contain colour, such ability can let a room have administrative levels feeling, also can make room effect feels especially pure and fresh.
The harmony of the colour of the ground and wooden door should maintain with one lubricious sex (be like cold, warm), but had better not agree, prevent the ground and metope muddled not clear, abate bedroom space feeling.

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