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The choice of real wood door and its action ~

[ChinaGoodWood.com] the door core of real wood door is much with fir, pine or the raw material that the entrance lumber of higher quality makes, stick density board and real wood veneer outside adding, after classics high temperature hot pressing is made, use real wood strip to undertake sealing edge finally, its door core of general and advanced real wood compound door is high grade white pine more, the surface is real wood veneer.
Compare pure real wood door costly cost,Traditional Shutters the price of real wood door is in commonly 1000-1500 left and right sides, if more high-grade hua limu door, about 2300 yuan;
In high-grade walnut, cherry wood, sha bili waits for wooden door, need 1900 yuan one.
In addition, the veneer material of real wood door is more common with veneer and sticker.
Because wooden skin wood door is rich in natural simple sense, and beautiful, fight wallwallis strong, and the price is relatively taller, and the real wood door with the commonnest is made by white pine to fill material, because, density of white pine is small, weight is light, and control moisture content more easily, the weight of finished product door is lighter consequently, also be out of shape not easily, craze.
In addition, solid wood door still has the characteristic such as heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardant, and sound insulation effect is same basically with aggrandizement door.
What real wood door place chooses is precious lumber more, wait like cherry wood, walnut, teak, the finished product door after processing has not be out of shape, corrosion-resistant, without the characteristic such as crack and adiabatic heat preservation.
At the same time, because real wood door has good sound-absorbing sex, and played the effect of sound insulation effectively.
In outer packing respect, the veneer material of real wood door basically is more common with wooden skin and sticker, the wooden door that such production place is rich in natural simple sense, and beautiful, fight wallop is strong, and the price is relatively taller.
Take log to be advocate material to do door core, through drying processing, pass again next next material, polish, open tenon, the working procedure such as drilling is processed and become.
Taken by real wood timber tree material varieties are relatively rare, Traditional Shutters Wholesale made the adornment of the door, solid wood processing and wood, half bo, complete bo has three kinds of styles, from the point of view of wood processing technology has to pick up two kinds of wood and wood, refers to meet wood logs after sawing, refers to the wood, the performance is more stable than logs, can effectively guarantee the door against deformation.
Solid wood door gives a person with sedate, decorous sense.

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