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The construction technology that door and door cover make

[ChinaGoodWood.com] everything always has an introduction, below is a few about “the door” introduction is known, decorate the TX people of small white class to be able to understand.
Laying the foundation is easy.
, door and door cover making what is the definition of the door (don’t think this is nonsense, to see if you will find the door there’s so much behing) door actually use function can be roughly divided into: the head of the household, small hall door, bedroom door, study door, sitting room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, closet door, the balcony doors, balcony doors, northern cold with 2 insulation door, etc.
Current, the design it may be said on market wooden door pattern 100,Shutter Part the combination of all sorts of capable person is qualitative, let owners have more choice.
But as a door, its core is function.
Bedroom door is the most important is to think about privacy and create a warm atmosphere, thus more USES the weak and strong sex of pervious to light door type, such as with frosted glass, make a square format, the graceful study door, wooden door should choose good sound insulation effect, good pervious to light, the design feels stronger door type, such as with the oracle bones were ground glass, or antique window edge design of wooden door, can produce the of primitive simplicity and elegant elegant charm and the kitchen should choose waterproof, sealing good door type, in order to effectively block of cooking soot, such as with sandblast motifs, or half of pervious to light glass door the door of toilet mainly pay attention to privacy and waterproof and other factors,
In addition to the need to select unique materials outside the full solid wood door, can choose the design of fashion full frosted semi-glass door.
Door cover door cover is a kind of architectural decoration term.
It refers to the two doorframes inside and outside the door.
There are also what are called door frames.
Two, the acceptance that door and door cover make accepts a standard to accept the place that the door that new installs needs some detail to pay attention to all the more: see seam wood sealing line, horn line, waist line ACTS the role of face plate to touch mouth seam to do not exceed 0.
2mm, no more than 0.
3mm, the interface between the decorative panel and the board shall not exceed 0.
2mm, the whole surface error of the sliding door shall not exceed 0.
3 mm.
See if the structure is straight and flat.
Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct woodworking practice should be straight and flat.
See if the Angle is accurate.
The normal Angle is 90 degrees, except for special design factors.
See parquet parquet is rigorous, accurate.
Correct woodiness parquet, want to accomplish to be done not have aperture between each other or maintain unified interval distance.
See radian radian and roundness whether smooth, sleek.
In addition to a single, multiple of the same shape to ensure that the shape of the same.
See whether the door switch is normal.
When cupboard door is opened, answer to operate portable,Shutter Part Wholesale without different sound.
See level off should assure the level off of carpentry project surface, did not have drum or break.
Infiltrate right sleeve, the dumb mouth of the acceptance standard horizontal even vertical, 2 meters within + / – 1 mm, 1 x 45 ° exposed portion every workpiece chamfering, all of Yin and Yang Angle by the square of the vertical stick on the door check the verticality three, door and door cover the making craft of construction technology of the door made of tubular door: 1, two layers of joinery board, make the framework, two sides then veneers or Macao matsuzaka.
Features: poor sound insulation, uneven surface, light weight.
2. Monolayer large core board is opened to make a frame, with nine-centimetre board on both sides and panel, and the line is closed.
Single layer big core board opens 3 work cent, two sides stick 5 centigrade board stick face plate, wood line closes.
Features: slightly better sound insulation, the surface is relatively flat, not easy to deformation.
Solid core door: two big core board are pressed together directly (open expansion joint), stick the panel.
Sound-proof sex is best, weight is heavier, had better use 3 hinge, and want double face to engrave groove.
The production technology of the door cover needs 1 piece of joinery board;
45 sheets of 9 cm medium density or 9 cm plywood;
5 decorative panels;
Two meters of line!
It is other hardware nail kind again, white glue kind, versatile glue kind a few.
The lines should be 6 cm wide.
Do the frame of 9 centimetre board first, joinery board is wrapped next go up, line is installed, notice line cannot have craze, after wanting to paint otherwise, lumber contracts, can produce crack, it is to stick face plate finally.
In 1.
Double layer base course for joinery board.
It is covered by a nine-centimetre board.
Act the role of panel.
This is in small and medium sized companies Shutter Part Factory where the conventional door covering process is based on the previous door covering process.
On the door hinge side.
Add a 3 * 5 camphor pine door stand with 3 * 5 camphor pine door stand.
It is covered by a nine-centimetre board.
Act the role of panel.
This is normative craft 4, the distinction of door of double sided door is covered and one-sided door is covered basically use in: the wall after bag defends theft door, with the wall outside toilet door already the balcony waits for leakage to go out the wall body outside.
Decorate doorways, balconies and bathrooms.
Double-sided cover is mainly used in the corridor, corridor wall, decorated corridor and corridor.
It is two pieces of flat board just, main material has now: high polymer door is covered, avoid lacquer door to cover, and bake lacquer, the material that some of the class USES real wood or log will wrap doorcase.

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