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The life common sense that door window maintains!

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 cleaning and maintenance in home life is a very important link, door and window maintenance is one of the links, although the doors and Windows are small, but because we often use, so there is a certain importance, so what attention to the maintenance and cleaning of doors and Windows?
Are there any taboos?
How can we make our Windows and doors last longer?
Next, I will introduce the little knowledge of door and window maintenance at seven o ‘clock.
One, door window frame wall joint window maintenance is often need to check the high-end door window frame wall joint, if there is loose it is easy to make the frame overall deformation,Shutter Part so that the doors and Windows can not be closed, sealed.
So the screw at the connection should be tightened immediately if it is loose, such as the screw base is loose, apply epoxy super glue to adjust a small amount of cement to seal.
2, keep the door frame clean aluminum doors and Windows in use, the action should be light, let nature take its course;
If you find any difficulty, do not pull or push hard, but troubleshoot it first.
Ash accumulation, deformation is the main reason that aluminium alloy door window pushs pull difficulty, door window maintains the main reason that door frame cleanness is maintained namely, especially the cleanness that pushs pull groove.
Use vacuum cleaner to absorb the accumulation of ash inside groove and door seal wool.
3, the connection part of door window frame should often check the connection part of door window frame, tighten bolt in time, replace damaged parts.
Locate the vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, Shutter Part Wholesale such as shaft pin, wind support, ground spring, and so on. Check frequently and add lubricating oil regularly to keep them clean and flexible.

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