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The sitting room balcony should install door six big contrast between let you don’t

Between sitting room and the balcony is generally together, but when decorate some owner will ask the balcony door off, there are some requirements in the middle wall of build by laying bricks or stones with glass partition or other, etc.Then, between sitting room balcony, is good or not good?A,Painted Shutters basically see area: if sitting room area is small, in order to let a space feel bigger, generally don’t suggest put the door between the living room balcony;But at the same time, maintain the permeability drying clothes is also a trouble, if you have any spare or balcony bask in clothes, or suggest not install door;If there is no spare balcony you can choose according to own situation.If sitting room area is large enough, if you can according to their own situation, or look at the following contrast item and then make a decision!2, which is more practical, compared with the design of the door to more appropriate;In the winter cold, summer heat insulation.China Painted Shutters Three, which is more save money: do not install door, relatively save save trouble.Four, which is more safe: the home of the sitting room balcony door, to a certain extent can guard against theft, and a greater degree to ensure the safety of children.Five, make good use of which space: but for house area is small, can be designed to open the balcony like tatami multi-functional space, very practical.Six,Painted Shutters Wholesale which is more beautiful: no way between sitting room and balcony doors between sitting room and balcony should exactly between sitting room balcony door, particular case is particular analysis, decorate should also be the truth to the selected.And, of course, if you really love to dress the door or not installed the door, can still discuss designer then decide!

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