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This paper introduces the maintenance method of roller gate

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 although the material of the rolling gate belongs to metal, the material of aluminum alloy rolling gate is made of aluminum alloy.
Have the characteristics that the user pursues, can fight with all sorts of climate completely.
It can withstand all kinds of climate and weather changes,Plantation Shutter Components and has temporary protection effect on indoor environment. The test indicates that the shielding rate of aluminum alloy shutter to sunlight can reach 100%, and the shielding rate of guangzhou aluminum alloy shutter to temperature can reach more than 95%.
1, the metal parts of the shutter should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, so as to avoid rust or corrosion.
2. The upper limit position of the beam seat at the bottom of the rolling gate must be at least 200MM away from the bearing to ensure that the phenomenon of roof rushing does not occur when the brake stops.
3. In case of large vibration or abnormal sound during the operation of the shutter, Plantation Shutter Components Wholesale it is recommended to stop the machine immediately and check whether there are sundries hindering the operation.
4. It is recommended to carry out three inspections of the door winder every year and apply oil in time to ensure the operation quality.
5. Pay attention to the maintenance and anti-corrosion treatment of the shutter paint.
6. During the operation of the rolling gate, the operator must stand at the operating position of the rolling gate to avoid accidental damage.
7. When the rolling gate is pulled down, the distance from the ground should not be more than 50MM when the limit length is known.
8. The upper part of the installation position of the rolling gate must be equipped with fire prevention facilities, the lower part must be equipped with movable detachable cover plate when installing the bag box or the ceiling, and the lower part must be reserved with detachable repair holes of 500MM side length for easy maintenance.
9, before the use of the shutter to check the clear direction of its operation,Plantation Shutter Components Factory the length of the limit and the position of the height of the door, also do not easily damage the limiter, so as not to cause back to the top and other losses.

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