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Today wooden door small make up give everybody to say a few black curtain in the process of domestic outfit!

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 as we all know, in the whole decoration process, material selection is a very important link, especially to choose and buy the real material.
Once the selection of improper, the use of counterfeit and shoddy products, will bring a lot of trouble in the future life.
Decoration in the existence of the cat is too common now, whether it is building materials, or the construction process, everywhere, it is impossible to prevent, if the decoration is a blind spot,Door Jamb it is simply a kill a quasi, small make up today to tell you about some of the process of home decoration behind the curtain!
First, the base treatment is not in place.
If do base workers cut corners, it will cause uneven walls, better situation, paint brush will produce color difference, the deeper the color is easier to find;
As for the worst, there were cracks and even widespread shedding.
Proposal: hear coating company and manufacturer of wall brick emphasize again and again brush besmear and the importance that the base before the shop sticks handles, hope everybody must take seriously henceforth rise.
Before besmear is brushed, the batch that must notice metope is bored with child is scratchy even, smooth, burnish and roll besmear the problem such as whether reach the position.
And deploy good coating also should be used up once, the coating of same color had better besmear brushs over.
Even if you really need to repair, you should repaint the walls.
If it is not at ease, you can find professional brush painting service businesses.
Two, the wall tick slot is too savage.
Suggestion: be sure to confirm the pipeline’s direction and position with the construction team leader before the construction. Remember that the bearing wall is not allowed to be grooved.
The wall body after taking insulation layer grooves also causes craze easily, and ground grooves also should be careful, must not destroy floor slab, lest cause others home trouble, upstairs downstair neighbour is not peaceful also.
The first day of construction is also a good time to show up and say hello to the managers and workers.
Three, the ground level.
Leveling the ground is unnecessary for a new home, Door Jamb Wholesale a term that may be used for renovations.
If bridal chamber appeared the thing with uneven ground, it is the problem of development business actually, hand in a room to check a room when should put forward.
A few black heart decorate a company and construction team, like to add the ground to level this in offer normally, actually itself exists certain level perfunctory.
Suggestion: judge in advance whether the ground leveling is needed before signing the contract. If it is confirmed to be done, remind the company to be responsible if it is not satisfied. Then, after the cement dries out, determine the flatness of the whole ground with a special level, and then proceed to the next step of construction.
Four, floor tile shop stick not earnest.
The shop of floor tile sticks it is a technology very strong job, can arrange a few experienced old workers to do commonly.
If be a novice stem, earnest point still say, meet with careless careless of, literally whole, very easy occurrence empty drum and pair of seam not neat, once be checked out, will be vexed by owner dead.
In addition, cement and adhesive also pay attention to, if the proportion is not reasonable (generally cement weight 3-5% of 108 glue), will also happen to fall off.
Proposal: can look for a metallic article (for instance key, stainless steel spoon), Door Jamb Factory with its knock ceramic tile 4 horn and core place.
If send out “empty” the dot of sound is more than two, so explain this ceramic tile stickup not solid.

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