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Useful door window choose and buy strategy

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 as indoor decorate busy season advent, the owner that prepares to decorate begins to be all sorts of material choose and buy headache, among them have door window how choose and buy, it is the problem that a lot of owners want to ask all the time.
How to choose the good door window that suits oneself?
Small make up for you to provide a classic practical door and window shopping guide.
The first: with makings door window basically USES material to include 3 respects commonly: aluminous profile, glass, hardware, when owner is product of choose and buy, often notice the thickness of aluminous profile and glass quite, Traditional Shutters and the requirement to hardware is not very high however, this is not comprehensive.
Actually the country has certain standard to the requirement of colour aluminous window.
The aluminous profile that high grade colour aluminous window USES, its ply, intensity and oxidation film can accord with a country commonly standard, for instance country relevant regulation asks: the aluminous profile wall of colour aluminous window should be in not under 1.2mm above, oxidation film thickness should achieve 10 micron.
And is better than common glass, toughened glass if safety and durability performance considerations for doors and Windows, stainless steel metal parts such as screws, hinges, etc.) are superior to the aluminum parts and pulley best choice using POM material products, because these products have higher strength and wear resistance, smooth, in use process is not easy to bad.
Want to know, door window damage is from door window fittings begins normally yo!
The 2nd: processing had good use makings, the processing that the next step is door window.
Because the technical content of door window is not high, mechanization degree is not high also at present, most still rely on the manual operation of installation worker, this asks operator should have good product quality consciousness.
It is very important to strengthen the operator’s proficiency and product awareness in the production process.
High quality color aluminum window, fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent Angle (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the splicing process should not appear more obvious gap, good sealing performance, smooth switch.
If the processing is not qualified, there will be a problem of sealing property, not only leakage of wind and rain, and in the strong wind and the role of a large external force, the glass will appear burst, fall off, thus causing property losses to the owners or even wounding phenomenon.
Third: the performance of the performance of the Windows and doors due to the use of different scope and focus is different, but usually to consider the following aspects: intensity, which is mainly reflected in the profile of the doors and Windows on the material, whether he can bear the ultra-high pressure;
Air tightness, main body is on door window structure, the inside fan of door window and frame structure outside whether close, door window whether close.
Fourth: price because of the price of the doors and Windows height has direct correlation with the discretion of the price of aluminum ingots, but in general the price of the doors and Windows performance in a certain period is relatively stable, in general,Traditional Shutters Wholesale the price of high quality doors and Windows to 30% higher than the inferior door window product, inferior door window usually contains a lot of impurities of recycling aluminum extrusion of aluminum, aluminum used in some of the wall thickness is only 0.6-0.8 mm, both in terms of the degree of tensile strength and yield were significantly lower than the relevant provisions of the state, this kind of door window is not safe, so the landlord don’t figure when the choose and buy products at a cheap and despised myself and the personal safety of others.
Fifth: appearance of customer products, window of door of choose and buy is usually pay attention to the appearance of the product as well as glass decorative pattern, but often neglect the composite film on the surface of the doors and Windows, this kind of composite film is artificial oxide film color formation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss, at the same time also has a certain fire prevention function, so the choose and buy of aluminum alloy doors and Windows products more comparison of similar products.
On vitreous craft because of the person different, different owner basis oneself be fond of and choose.
Sixth: the prestige also must pay attention to the businessman’s prestige and the service quality when the choice, this point is also very important!
Here we can go examining through 3 respects: one, choose brand reputation as far as possible good manufacturer, professional committee of wooden door of association of Chinese lumber current held wooden door industry to congress in Beijing, Traditional Shutters Factory the congress evaluates unit of member of 30 strong enterprises of Chinese wooden door through strict investigation and investigation.
These manufacturers in the scale of product quality and service system are more standardized.
Ii. Check whether the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer is complete and authentic according to relevant industry standards.
3. Pay attention to check the internal material of the door lock hole before installation and make the final check.
We can not go to the manufacturer to see how to do, only to consider the popularity of high xinyi good brand can be guaranteed.
We believe that one price for one good is reasonable.

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