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Wave pad material selection window window pad of choose and buy

Today, many families will design a floating window, then we will need a wave pad window, bay window pad on the wave on the windowsill, not only can make the person sitting on a floating window without direct contact to the cold mesa, still can rise to decorate and beautiful effect.Shutter Panel Since do household and decorative combination, that window mat what material?Let’s introduce window gasket material for everybody to choose.Wave window mat what material 1, cloth art wave mat cloth art window window is to use most is the most popular wave pad, window pattern color variety, style can also be changeable, suitable for all kinds of style of household, and clean do rise very convenient also.2, sponge wave wave window mat commonly used window is sponge cushion, good elasticity, soft, comfortable and warm, but some sponge cushion and sofa, easy to aging, and not environmental protection.3, wool wave pad on the floating window window laid a piece of wool mat, adornment effect is showily big and square, but easy to vacuuming wool mat, it is difficult to clean up.4, chenille wave pad chenille window is also very popular wave pad using window material, texture is soft and comfortable, also looks more beautiful, China Shutter Panel but the downside is that is infected with dirt easily, but compared with wool mat, cleaning easier.Wave pad window to choose a, see: have a look at the surface of the cushion covers the existence chromatism, folds, mat set of beautiful case is clear and uniform color.Two, touch: yes, you can touch the cushion cover, feel its texture is good, cushion covers its thickness is uniform.Three, smell: it is very important, if the pad set is faulty, is likely to be volatile substances such as formaldehyde, vinyl chloride content is higher.Four, wipe: can cut a piece of cushion covers small kind, wipe with wet cloth pad set, see if there was discoloration phenomenon.Bay window, is out to the window;Wave window pad, that is, in the wave window table mat.Beautiful and practical,Shutter Panel Wholesale widely used in household soft outfit.Above is today we bring you introduced, believe friends also have a certain understanding, hope this article can help to you.

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