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What advantage does wood model door have?

[ChinaGoodWood.com] there have been two generations of domestic wood basic raw materials: the first generation is wood and materials, and the second generation is wood-based boards represented by plywood, fiberboard, particleboard and wood pulp.
In 2003, China’s wood-based panel production has ranked first in the world.
The 3rd generation is wood model material, had shine brilliantly on the market at present, wood model material holds concurrently plastic and lumber both fine performance,Traditional Shutters have absolute advantage in door plank material.
At present, domestic wood-plastic market has huge potential. Although the annual output of wood-plastic products in the world is only a few million tons, since 1998, European and American countries have increased by 65% every year.
At present, 7 of the 10 domestic wood-plastic manufacturers are foreign manufacturers, and all the products are exported.
Wood plastic door the technological advantages and performance characteristics of 1) the raw material quality, formulation science is the main raw material of wood plastic door PVC resin and wood powder with high quality, with medical grade PVC resin domestic brand-name products, wood powder by the professional wood industry company to provide quality tree wood powder, through classification screening, grinding, drying, coating processing, to ensure the quality of finished product to raw material requirements.
Wood-plastic door formula system with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, etc., all kinds of ingredients according to the strict ratio of mixing, effectively ensure the quality of foaming board products.
2) production equipment the advanced production equipment is imported from abroad from the mixing system to the extrusion system, leading the international level, high degree of automation, among which the mixing equipment has the characteristics of precise dosage of ingredients, uniform mixing, high efficiency, fundamentally ensure the stability of the product.
Due to the production of wood-plastic foaming door foaming extrusion equipment requirements are higher, and the use of high torque twin screw extruder,Traditional Shutters Wholesale and the screw rod, screw barrel and other parts of the transformation, in order to adapt to the inner and outer surface of lignin skinning and uniform foaming, avoid wood powder carbonization and other phenomena.
3) wood plastic suit door of green environmental protection raw materials used in the next time the condition of high temperature and high pressure, vacuum forming, harmful material such as formaldehyde less than four times that of the national standard, secondary processing using thermal transfer technology, paint free, in the process of production, use, without any toxic or harmful gases and odors released, is accord with human friendly products of modern interior decoration environmental protection standard.
4) waterproof, moisture-proof, anticorrosive, mould-proof, moth-proofing, non-deformation wood-plastic products have the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so wood-plastic door set in addition to the use of indoor doors, especially suitable for large temperature difference, damp, poorly ventilated places, such as wet toilet, need anticorrosive, mould-proof, moth-proofing storage room.
5) reasonable structure, high strength special improperness structure design, ensures that the internal structure of wood plastic foaming material, coupled with excellent formula design and the reasonable production process, ensure the product’s intensity 6) fast loading structure, installation time imported wood plastic door adopt German fast loading structure, the door installation is very convenient, the door and door cover a bayonet connection, nails or viscose fixed without a gun.
7) good thermal insulation, sound insulation properties wood plastic set door materials with uniform, fine bubble and its special design of the cavity structure, to ensure that its thermal conductivity than the general plastic materials low, good noise performance.
According to the test, the heat transfer coefficient of the product is 1W/m2.k, and the insulation performance reaches level I of GB/ t16729-1997.
Sound insulation performance level for 6, with good insulation,Traditional Shutters Factory sound performance.
8) the door of wood-plastic set with good flame retardant performance will not be combustible in case of open fire, and will be automatically extinguished after leaving the door alive.
Through the test, wood plastic suit door oxygen index is 48, its fire performance grade for B1, wood plastic suit door this performance will greatly improve the home fire safety.

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