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What does real wood door install a standard to have?

[ChinaGoodWood.com] real wood door often represented beautiful with environmental protection, woodiness material its practical very tall, adornment sex is very strong also, it is first selection almost.The owner that wants to install real wood door so must see the installation of real wood door the standard of each respect!One, real wood door installs a standard 1, door cover installs a standard to be in standard of indoor wood door installation, to the door cover made such requirement: its assemble connection place should close, level off,Shutter Part without black seam;And fixed fittings should be tight;When installing the diagonal of the door cover, pay attention to alignment. The error range should be within 1mm (within 2m) and 1.5mm (within 2m).The installed door covers should be horizontal and vertical, with a maximum of 2mm in the vertical and 1mm in the horizontal flatness.2, the standard set of line installation line and the door cover, the wall with glue fixed, the joint is still flat, strict, seamless.After the installation you can see if it is in the same plane with the side sleeve line.In terms of error, the bending of the sleeve line is allowed to have an error of 1mm.3, the standard door fan installation level off, vertical, flexible switch is the most basic indoor wooden door installation standards.In addition, door leaf and door case should make an appearance photograph is even, the next aperture between door case and door leaf should be 6 to 7mm, and door leaf should be combined closely with sealing strip, cannot appear the phenomenon of swing.4, hardware accessories installation standard hardware accessories hinge should be vertical, flat, the size of the notch should be consistent with the hinge;The slotting of the door lock shall be accurate and standard, and the size shall be consistent with the lock body and lock plate;Connector, lock lamp should be flexible,Shutter Part Wholesale smooth surface.A lot of people forget hardware fittings when checking and accepting, but this is the very important point in indoor wooden door installation standard however.1, we should be careful when splicing the door frame, do not drag, so that the wooden door surface has more scratches.If the door frame is made of MDF, we should use screws to make the frame. If the door frame is made of multi-layer board or solid wood, we can use nails.2. Pay attention to the opening direction of the door.Some people have been busy for a long time only to find that the door is installed in the wrong side out, and their hearts are literally collapsing. This is a very low-level mistake that someone will make in the installation of wooden doors.

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