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What is a flat door

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 now the common door on the market is actually two types, one is a flat door, one is a sliding door.
And according to different utility, will choose to be to open the door or sliding door flatly after all.
So what does a flat door look like?
Is there any other classification in the flat door?
Small make up will give one answer in this article.
Flat door is to show hinge is installed at the side of the door, the door that opens inward or outwards.
By door cover, hinge, door, lock and so on.
1, material classification can be divided into: solid wood doors, composite solid wood doors, molding doors.
Solid wood door: simple sense massiness, have very good sound insulation effect,Traditional Shutters give a person with warm and downy feeling, but be out of shape easily.
Compound real wood door: make core with fir wood commonly, affix high density board, the surface wraps a real wood again, firm not be out of shape easily.
Die pressing door: is made of wood fiber after high pressure by the machine, the surface is easy to make a variety of concave and convex shape.
[1]2. Formal classification can be divided into ordinary flat door, door within door, child and parent door and compound door, etc.
Ordinary flat door: that is, a single open closed door.
Door in door: it has both the advantages of grilles and flat doors. Part of the outer door is grilles, and there is a small door behind the grilles. Opening the small door can be used for ventilation of the grilles, and closing the small door can be used as the flat door.
Child mother door: use at family commonly enter the residence with bigger door frame,Traditional Shutters Wholesale assure to go in and out at ordinary times namely convenient, also can let big furniture convenient move in.
Compound door: also call one frame two doors, front door is grated door, back door is enclosed level door.
Above is the introduction of flat door and simple classification.
Flat door often USES in the place such as the door, the space that this place opens the door must enough.

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