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What is skill of door of door of wooden door wood door choose and buy

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 there are many types and products of doors and Windows. People need to know more about relevant knowledge when they choose and buy, so as to select suitable products.Below, introduce the relevant knowledge about wooden door window choose and buy to everybody.What is wood door window USES the door window that lumber is frame makings to make to call wood door window.Include the door window that serves as the base material of force lever piece with aluminous material, plastic to compound with lumber.Wood – aluminum composite Windows, wood – plastic composite Windows.Wooden doors and Windows are divided into two categories: flat open doors and Windows, sliding doors and Windows.Traditional Shutters Flat doors and Windows with good sealing characteristics;Sliding door window has the characteristic that takes up a space little, basis needs and hobby to choose.Our country dweller residential building executes 2 times to decorate, the material of former indoor door pledges the standard is low, undertake other adornment sex processing not easily again, so when the family is decorated former door window is transformed be the project that must do.Although pure wood window regards outside window as already very scarce, but a kind of new-style pure wood window as a result of adopting cycle type to force cycle steam dry technology, ensured the phenomenon that wooden window appears craze not easily, can do inside window commonly, can do outside window after brushing good lacquer.Another kind “aluminum-clad wood” window, it is to combine the advantage of window of pure wood window and model steel to be machined and become, inside layer is pure wood, outer layer makes protective layer with aluminium alloy, fight corrupt wear-resisting, finalize the design is good, and still can spray a variety of colour in outer layer, this lets the people that loves wooden window sweet feeling had more choice.The warmth that real wood door window natural lumber has alone feels and wonderful durable rate are people to love it the most important reason, the real wood door window quality that passes layer upon layer special processing is very good, be able to bear or endure weather,Traditional Shutters Wholesale fight be out of shape, sound insulation, very good will high elegance and practical concourse are together, it is the first selection that high-grade family decorates.Skill of door of wooden door choose and buy 1, the purpose that sees design to decorate a house is to create a sweet and harmonious living environment, what should consider above all when choosing wooden window so is the design of wooden window.Adornment style is smooth and plain and clean the design that chooses easy and concise;Lively and lively we choose lightsome and refined want to match;Classic ease is acted the role of with massiness Confucianism elegant.In short, it is recommended to choose similar or similar styles.2. Process and quality: touch the panel of the door by hand, no scraping, and the paint surface of the door is smooth and delicate.Basically rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.Inferior wooden window, choose material blindly, treatment is shoddy, replace mill processing with saw cut, do not undertake installation according to the requirement, sealed performance is poor, switch is not free, not only leak rain and occurrence glass blast crack phenomenon, and encounter strong wind and external force, easy to push pull part or glass blow off or touch off, destroy content hurtmen.3, match color to be when the mass-tone attune inside the bedroom is light color department, should choose the wooden window that waits for cool color department like white oak, birch;Mass-tone is tonal when brunet department, should choose the wooden window that waits for warm color department like teak, walnut.The choice of wooden window colour still should notice the tonal with furniture, ground should close, and the colour that produces contrast with metope, such ability is helpful for building the atmosphere that gives dimensional administrative levels to feel.4,Traditional Shutters Factory with hardware pure solid wood window choose and buy good, but also single with hardware.When hardware of choose and buy, appropriate chooses the hardware that has brand, product quality certificate and guarantee card.When hinge of choose and buy, want much open close, pull a few times feel its flexibility and convenient sex.

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