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What should indoor lacquer door daily use notice?

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 lacquer door, namely spray paint into the drying process of the drying room after the paint door.
Its advantage is colour and lustre is bright-coloured, have very strong visual wallop, surface finish is good, easy swab, moistureproof, fire prevention performance is better.
Door of lacquer that bake is multi-purpose density board serves as base material,Window Accessories the reverse side is 3 get together hydrogen amine, craft is complex, treatment cycle is long, the price is opposite also taller.
So, to indoor baking lacquer door, what should we notice commonly?
One, wooden door is afraid of water, baking lacquer door is no exception!
If be blistered really, will tell commonly very troublesome.
Kitchen toilet wants hope, do not want seeper, especially the bottom of the door.
We must hope against moisture.
Two, the central heating problem in the winter is indoor do not want too dry, the humidity in the air wants to hold the line at the mercy of 40%, to the floor, to baking lacquer door, it is best condition to living in even.
Three, paint door is afraid of knock so in the impact of maintenance to hope.
Four, cleaning can not be swabbed with organic solvents,Window Accessories Wholesale organic solvents will crush the general situation of the paint layer.
The door that bake lacquer also is real wood skin, be afraid of fire very much.

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