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Why does door window of your home sound insulation have no effect?

[ChinaGoodWood.com] the noise really bothers me. I believe my friends who live in the busy road and downtown airport station must have the same feeling.
Be in such environment our body and mind receives very big harm, so sound-proof door window appears very important, but a lot of users reflect sound-proof door window to have no effect,Door Jamb explain sound-proof door window why can have no effect for everybody below?
What are the factors that affect the performance of sound insulation doors and Windows?
The main use that why door window of sound insulation can have no effect is to use ventilated, need often opens, have the sealing wait for a reason such as open component relatively flimsy compared with wall wall formed the bottleneck of door window of integral sound insulation.
It is the material such as window window 80% is glass, galvanized iron sheet, or cold rolled steel sheet above all, wave has certain penetrability to include thin wall sound insulation performance cannot amount to mark.
Ordinary glass and insulating glass have low efficiency of sound insulation due to sound wave penetration, sound wave coincidence effect and resonance trough.
Laminated sound insulation window, for different noise sources, the system considers all the factors that affect the sound insulation effect, targeted to choose different profiles and different combination of glass, sound insulation door.
When the window is designed, its weight can be inside the sound insulation effect that can achieve what need to reduce weight as far as possible, consider the demand of different client adequately.
At present, there are many professional research institutions and enterprises and institutions of soundproof doors and Windows in China, which have made significant effects in the practice of soundproof doors and Windows research. They have been strongly responded to in the market, and many citizens have designated customized installation to create considerable benefits for a harmonious society.
Why door window of sound insulation door can have no effect glass type: glass type is the main factor that affects sound to pass.
Sandwich glass and insulating glass are the basic types of insulating glass.
Sandwich glass clip has a special PVB sound absorption film, Door Jamb Wholesale so as to reduce the sound through so as to achieve good sound insulation effect.
Area effect factor: the larger the area of the window, the greater the sound energy through the window.
Distance effect factor: the farther from the noise source, the greater the reduction of noise level.
Height effect factor: high-rise buildings can reduce street noise level.
Soundproof glass USES this kind of principle formally, add special material in common glass, control the vibration of glass thereby, achieve soundproof.

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