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Wooden door choose and buy to have a method, 3 words choose good wooden door

[ChinaGoodWood.com] with the gradual popularity of wooden doors, how to choose and buy wooden doors has become a hot topic for people who are ready to decorate houses at present. Don’t be afraid of wooden doors if you don’t understand them.
One, smell “smell” to domestic outfit will tell, it is preliminary judgement environmental protection sex is the most intuitional with effective means, generally speaking, should smell the odour of product itself first, it is after installing good, smell indoor odour, if taste is more apparent,Wood Shutters tell from environmental protection Angle above all, the environmental protection sex of this wooden door is poorer, affect health.
3D wooden door in the process of raw material procurement and production process, fully in accordance with the international environmental protection standards, even the glue is the original German glue king installed water glue, environmental protection level up to E0 level, installed on the same day can be checked in, so that families and children more healthy.
Two, see domestic outfit chooses wooden door to use a door as indoor, besides its practical outside, still have its beautiful modelling in looking.
So door of choose and buy wood, after confirming its environmental protection sex, whether the exterior that still should look at a door can promote domestic outfit effect and class, that is to say the design of wooden door and design are very important.
The art design for 3D wooden doors is developed by Leomardi&amp, based in milan, Italy;
Marnelli design.
As the world’s top furniture design masters, the main designer leonardi and artistic director marinelli have presented their works in the milan international furniture exhibition and the milan furniture exposition for many times.
Discard the pomp and pomp of europism, combine the constantly improving industrial technology with the original creativity of design, and pursue aesthetic attributes in meeting the functional requirements of products.
3, go up than market of wooden door nowadays, brand of greatly small wooden door is a few, when people choose and buy always very difficult choice, need to compare at this time compare, not only should compare price, compare the material of the product even, craft technology and environmental protection sex.
On the market a lot of end wood door with density board, Wood Shutters Wholesale particleboard is core material bottom end wood, use adhesive plastic to seal an edge all round, fall off extremely easily, not beautiful while, formaldehyde also exceeds bid, for healthy consideration, price of this kind of wooden door again cheap also unfavorable choose and buy.
The 3D wood door core material adopts the German micro-control superposition technology, cutting the log accurately into 2.0mm solid wood veneer of each layer, and forming the crossbar and crossbar superposition, breaking through the inherent wooden limitation of the original wood and ensuring the stability and non-deformation for 50 years.

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