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Wooden door plank color color geomantic study is analysed

【ChinaGoodWood.com】 in the process of modern home decoration, more and more people tend to colorful home decoration, which also brings more challenges to designers, what kind of color can be beneficial to the development of the family.
This small make up specially for you to analyze the wooden door color, teach you to see through the wooden door color feng shui.
Colour pollutes psychologist to think, colour is right the thinking of the person, behavior, bearing, mood, feeling and physiology change have intense control and adjust action, only harmonious and natural colour is tie-in,Shutter Part just can make a person pleasing to the eye, mind is cheerful.
But lives in the color disharmonious environment for a long time, the mood can become anxious restlessly, easily tired, the attention is not concentrated, the self-control ability is poor, thus causes the health level to drop.
It is not sensational, but interior decoration experts recently to prompt a life information: long live in thunder-and-lightning colour can cause visual fatigue, not only cause nerve function, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and so on loss of coordination, restlessness, still can cause dizziness, irritation diet, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms.
Light pollution according to the survey showed that young people in living in adornment partial color is bright specular color, make the bedroom is nice and bright, also can to a certain extent, make up for the inadequacy of natural lighting, in the absence of professional guidance, easily more than the body can withstand the range of physiological adaptation caused by light pollution,Shutter Part Wholesale make the eye stimulation of the retina.
According to ophthalmic hospital ophthalmologist Liu Chengde told reporters: light person make the eye fatigue, the person that weigh can cause harm to the human eye cornea and the iris, eyesight will fell sharply, 45% higher than the incidence of cataracts, and easy to make people appear dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, physical fatigue and similar neurasthenic symptom.
It is also one of the main reasons for the high myopia rate of teenagers in our country.
Accordingly, when choosing interior door, although door plank colour and home outfit integral color department are highly identical, for your health consideration, do not choose colorific to be same gorgeous interior door makes adornment,Shutter Part Factory although be monochromatic door plank, also want to abandon high brightness lacquer to choose inferior smooth lacquer face.
Beware of color pollution and light pollution — “invisible killers” harm people imperceptibly!

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